Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fave: SKYPE!

I don't know why we didn't do this before... The other night Lani and I were IMing (Instant Messaging for those not hip to the lingo) via Facebook and we were both wondering "Why don't we Skype?". At this point, all the kids were in bed and we were available to actually have a conversation, uninterrupted! What a concept! And it's so much more fun when you can see the person you are talking to...

Even if I hadn't showered that day...

At least she can't smell me!

So we both downloaded Skype, which took less than 2 minutes, and we were both up and running in no time! Fabulous! I just wish we would've done this sooner so we could've Skyped while we were visiting Lani, so Will & I could check in with Hubby!

The best part is being able to take a pic of the top of your friend's head mid-sentence. Ha Ha!

Then we Skyped with some of our kiddos the other morning. That was....interesting... Of course Jagger was a perfect little angel. Laughing and smiling at my hilarious jokes. While Will proceeded to have a few tantrums because he kept pushing buttons on the keyboard. It was on the brink of nap time, so Will was over talking to Jagger, even though he did get a kick out of it for a few minutes, especially the faces his Auntie Lani was making at him. ;)

I've also become Lani's mobile design-helper because she can take me wherever she's having second thoughts about what to do on this wall or on this shelf. That's fun! I love helping with design questions!

It's a great way for us to keep in touch, be able to laugh at each other's faces, or piles of laundry in the background, and feel like we aren't quite so far away. I can see how handy it would be if Hubby was still traveling all the time, too! I wish we had this 2 years ago when he was gone 2 weeks out of the month!

Thanks Skype!

***'SUP!!  This is Lani here' the Skypey Skype!!  Since Heather posted pics of me...I shall post the screen shots I took of her!

Heather being....Heather.  This face is why I loves her!

Will gettin' mad that he can't touch the buttons!

"How to accessorize you're bathroom shelf....with a subtle reminder to BATHE everyday"

Thanks for all the fun Skype!

***These are just our opinions. We don't get kick backs or bonuses or freebies from any of these companies. We just like to share our loves and likes to make you a little happier and your life a little easier. :) ***

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