Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Cool..

Oh how I love back to school time! Although I'm almost 8 years out of college (AH!) and my kids are a good 4 years away from starting....I still LOVE browsing all the BTS aisles, admiring the pencils and notebooks and I get that excited feeling all over again. I usually pic up a few cute notebooks and pens....just to get that old feeling back. Call me a nerd....but I loved (love) back to school.

This year I've been noticing how outstandingly cool all the college dorm stuff has been getting. I get so envious thinking about my half dinky dorm room and think "If only they had this stuff when I was in school!" But these "back to school" items are so hip, they are amazingly suitable for your grown up home as well!

Check out this sofa bed Target. For $179 you get a clean, modern, sofa for a guest bedroom/office that's cool, functional, and dare I say totally grown up.
Hello gorgeous sofa bed !

And I've been looking for a desk to use as a night stand and of course, a desk, (after the pack and play gets moved out of my bedroom) and I love the clean lines and the sweet simplicity of this little one, also from Le Tar-jay.  Although $75 is more than I'd want to pay right now...I'm not going back to school and in no hurry, so I'm keeping my eye out for when this goes on clearance!
Some other great Target finds....
Adorable plastic dinner ware for my boys
Can you tell I'm loving me some teal??
Cute set of Teal frames

Hello!  These task lamps are from PB Teen...but what stylish, fabulous, adult mom of two (or less or more) wouldn't love to work or email under these little beauties?  Do you remember cute things like this from when you were in college?  All I had was the clip on kind with the attractive heinous flexible tube arm thing.

 I've already picked out this little chandalier for my powder room downstairs.  So adorable, so sweet, and the price isn't ALL that bad.  I mean, $129 isn't ideal....but I've been looking for a petite capiz chandalier and this is the cutest i've found.

Oh how I wish I was going back to school!  I can't wait to implement some of these items into my small remodeling efforts.  Don't ignore the kids section for some cute, modern, and amazingly affordable decor for your home!

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  1. I love all of the turquoise and blue. I have some of those frames stashed away. I want to paint our bedroom turquoise but I haven't told the husband yet....


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