Friday, July 23, 2010

The REAL Jersey Shore

Can I just say that I thoroughly dislike that show?  There are so many things wrong with it!  For one...everyone on that show is from somewhere other than NJ.  It just happens to take place IN New Jersey.  Second....people now think that all New Jersey-ites are orange.  We're not.  And is not stated anywhere in that show that there is a VAST difference between the North Jersey beaches (or shore) and the South Jersey beaches.  The main difference? Class.... now that that's out of the way....we went to the Jersey Shore last week.  Ocean City, NJ to be exact.  Man I love that place!  Not only because the beaches are clean the air is cooler, and its so family friendly...but because the beach gives me just a little taste of home (Cali).

Heather and Will's visit happened to fall on the first weekend that my in-laws had gotten a shore house.  Sonny and I had planned to only go for a day (since he only has Sundays off), but since Heather and Will were here....we thought we'd go for the night.  Packing up was a hassle and a half....due to the fact that we had to fit 2 strollers (one of which is a double), 3 pack n' plays, 3 suitcases, bag of beach toys, beach umbrella, beach canopy, and bag of snacks and junk for the car ride.  Ugh.  Heather and I were actually supposed to stay 2 nights, but it was ungodly humid, the boys were getting hot and tired and kinda sick,and we had no plans to go to the beach on Monday so we just decided to book it home on Sunday night.

Anyway, Ocean City is known for it's boardwalk....which I have to my favorite part.  It is lined with shops, restaurants, pizza joints, amusement parks, water slide parks, and at night it's all lit up and fantastic. It's just a fun place to walk and so great for the kids....

The humidity was high, so my shirt got twice as big while walking on the boardwalk....all of a sudden it was a dress....

Oh and can I just mention that we just had a small pizza for dinner?  This is not a camera trick...this is really how big it was in proportion to my head.....

Heather and I were also admiring the houses right along the beach....and she got really excited to see that one family was watching tween show EVER!

The next day we went to the beach and the air was just so good for them.  Sometimes I feel the weather on the east can get so extreme that Hunter is stuck inside all the time.  In the winter its too cold (or blizzardy like this last year) and in the summer it's way too hot (like now we're going through an "oppressive" heat wave....fantastic).  So the beach was just good air and great fun for the boys.  There was no fussing, either, when we put them down for naps.  They needed it!  It was Will's first time at the beach, despite his California home, and I do believe he had a great time!

Building sand castles together....these guys were buds right from the start.....

And so were we....

What a great weekend by the shore!!  And not one orange person in sight!!


  1. How sweet are those kiddies!! and that pizza looks amaaazing!! Good thing we just ordered pizza for dinner tonight!
    Have a lovely weekend! ;)

  2. I love it!!!! I live in southern nj and go to LBI and I hate that show!!!! Ocean city is pretty nice too :)
    Glad to see there are fellow s. Jersey beach goers!!!

  3. Orange -

    Um....Love me some LBI!! My sister in-law's in-laws (you get that?) live in Tuckerton so we go across that bridge for little day trips. SO CUTE! Yeah...that show really grinds my gears


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