Friday, July 16, 2010

Please Touch!

Heather and Will are in Jersey!!  Hooray!!  Hence, the slight lack of posting this week due to utter excitement of being in each other's presence.  It's been ungodly hot and sticky in NJ, so the boys have been kinda trapped inside...but we decided to splurgy splurge and take a trip to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.  After some mix-up with the GPS, and going a little bit out of the way in our awesome rented mini-van to seat 3 kids ('s awesome)...we came to the most fabulous place on earth!!!

First of all....the place is huge!  I know Heather posted about Pretend City awhile ago, but she said that place was about less than half of what Please Touch was.  It was 2 floors of amazing exhibits for kids of all ages.  We first ventured into the travel section of the museum which had cars, trains, buses and everything else to do with vehicles.  All the exhibits had some kind of hands on, climb thru/on/around, or run and jump and leap and touch.  Here we have a little mechanic changing a tire (Will) and his older and bossier customer asking him if this can be done immediately (Hunter)....

Eh....he really wasn't that bossy.  More enthralled with the letter "W" he found lying on the ground.  Then we traveled into the "flight" room with, yes you guessed it, all sorts of flying do-hickeys.  They...couldn't care less.  But down the stairs we went and found this area that was specifically for 3 and unders.  Of course, there were the obnoxious 8-12 year olds with no parental supervision that did not take heed to the sign saying so and practically trampling our little dudes.  Fortunately..they can hold their own.  You take my lawn mower? I shall take this cart and harvest carrots and potatoes!!!  And I'll take this watering can and water this apple!!! was pretty awesome.  Will had a great time with the shovel and gardening.  It was kinda hard getting them to part with that little area!  And there were about 15 other exhibits on that level that we never got to because we had to lunch...and OMG if we didn't time that perfectly.  Any earlier and they wouldn't have wanted to eat and any later and we probably would have had a hunger meltdown.  Heather and I even high fived ourselves at lunch for getting it perfect!  GO SUPER MOMS!!!  Heck...I even treated for a yummy iced coffee..

High fives indeed!!!  After lunch we decided that we'd do the carousel...and then the water section...since that obviously would get messy.  I had to feed SUPER MOM HEATHER went to bat to take both the boys on the ride.  Here's me with Jaggs....just to give him a shout out...

...and about 2 minutes after they went to wait in line....I started hearing screeching and screaming coming from across the room.  As Heather told me later, both boys broke down in line, knees buckled, bodies limp, screaming for the ride.  Keep in mind, too, that it's almost 1:30 and nobody has napped yet.  So I stand up a little to see if it's our kids...and I see Heather's little super mom face smiling and shrugging.  Oh go super mom!!!  Here's her on the carousel and after getting them off...she truly is super...that's like 50+ lbs she's carrying...

Oh Heather!!! You are amazing!  So now it's water time...and we all made a glorious mess.  Let me just say to all the "neat and tidy" moms of under 3's....if you're playing with your children in a water area....prepare to get your kid and by the 50 other kids also playing in that area.  Relax, go with the flow, and don't get mad when you're standing next to a one year old and he spills some water on your birkenstocked feet.  Calm it down.  It's just bound to happen.  Anyway!!! This was super fun wet and wild fun...and although the kids were tired...they both love water and were determined to play...ahhh....glorious water.

Ah water bliss!  The Please Touch Museum is a truly amazing place.  We didn't even do probably a third of it and can't wait to go back.  And the best part?  They crashed at sleepy time.  So much so that Heather and I are able to enjoy a glass of wine (or two!) while this sleep super sound!  Huzzah!

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  1. OH MY GOSH ! This looks like so much fun , I want to go play there !


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