Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reality check...

So I was just reading through some of our recent comments on our site (since I have literally been MIA due to a baby that is seemingly permanently attached to my boob and a toddler with a wee bit of separation anxiety). Someone recently commented that our blog "scares them" and that they are now going to wait to have kids. Because of our blog? Well, excuse us for sharing life with children. It's reality, and it's never going to be easy.

Anyway, this got me thinking.....when is having children NOT going to be scary? I mean, there is no magical age, bank account balance, time of life, or work schedule that is going to make having a child any easier. Sonny and I always say that if we waited to be "ready" to have kids.....we would still be childless. No matter how many books you read, or how ready you THINK you're not. And that's just the truth. You mentally prepare yourself for the lack of sleep....but you can never fully be prepared. Sometimes you get a 6 hour stretch at night and feel like you've hit jackpot....and the next night they have gas/teeth/baggage that prevents them from sleeping at all and you're rocking them for 3 hours until you just can't take it anymore and let them cry as you pass out. And you can never be financially prepared, what with college savings, diaper buying, doctor co-pays, clothes that you think they are going to fit into as a newbie and then they turn out to be 9.5 lbs and are fitting only into 3 month clothes so you have to end up buying a new little wardrobe....etc etc etc.

But here's the thing....for all existing moms out there....isn't it like, the BEST feeling ever when you DO get them to sleep, or eat, or stop from fussing, or when they are crying in your mother's/MIL's arms and they hand them to you and you make them stop. It's a feeling of accomplishment that tops all others. You can conquer the world!!!! WAHOO! So yeah, having kids is scary, and Heather and I don't sugar coat it. We will tell you the best and the worst of it all. And I'll admit that there's been a couple times where I thought I should have waited. But waited for what? I would be having the same stories/tips/and tricks that I do now....but I'd just be older...and probably a bit more cynical (is that possible?)

SO, anyway....don't be scurred. It's a blessing, at times a curse, but at the end of the day and endless cups of coffee, the hardest thing, and most rewarding thing, I've ever done.


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