Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pull it together

Last week, I left my boys at home while I went to an event with a friend. It was a dress to impress type of shindig, and I haven't worn work clothes in two years now. TWO years! All I wear now are cute mom clothes from my new standbys - Target and Old Navy. Well, at least I think they're cute... So trying to find something stylishly appropriate for this event was quite a challenge since nothing from that era fits me, yet. I ended up in a pair of my old black slacks (without buttoning the button...thank God for the BeBand!), my new white collared shirt, a black shrug, and my favorite heels in the whole wide world. I accessorized with some fun jewelry, and a purse (YES! A purse and not a 40 lb diaper bag!). When I walked out into the living room, dressed and ready to go, Hubby said, "Wow! You look like my wife!" Um....thanks? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

I guess it's been a while since I've worn my snazzy business attire. Working as an interior designer meant that I was relatively fashionable. These shoes (1st pic in post) were my first real leap into something fun, funky, and designer, and I love them. Not to mention, I first laid eyes on them in Italy with Hubby, who became my fiancé on that trip, so they give me the warm & fuzzies when I wear them, too. They were some ungodly price at the D&G store in Milan, but I was so tempted. I opted for a pair of sunglasses for about half the price of the shoes instead. A couple months after we returned home, I was strolling through South Coast Plaza. I passed by the D&G store and thought, hmmmmmm...maybe they're in there. Be still my heart! There were my shoes, on clearance no less! Regular price was almost $500, marked down to $300something, on clearance for $162! SOLD!

So anyways...sorry, but I get a little excited about shoes... another side tracked note: Yay for Sex & The City 2 this Friday! Can't wait to see it!

Ok...back on track. This whole thing got me thinking and observing. Ditch the sweat pants and yoga pants outside of yoga, Moms! The last couple of weeks, I've been watching the moms at the mommy & me class Will and I go to, and a small percentage of us actually put forth an effort in our own appearance. What's funny is that you can totally see a change in demeanor from the grubby moms vs. the jeans and t-shirt moms. The grubby moms seem to have a little less patience and tend to keep to themselves. The cleaned up moms are chatty, smiling, and seem to be having more fun following their tots around. Now, I'm not saying that in order to leave the house you need to be perfectly polished and stylish, by any means. I'm simply saying that you need to pull yourself together for your own sake. Run a brush through your hair to put it up in a neat ponytail. Put on some tinted moisturizer and some mascara. Throw on a jeans and a clean t-shirt. Put all of that together and you'll feel so much better! When you look disheveled, you feel disheveled!

I know, I know. We're all tired, on our last nerve, and starving while we try to lose weight, but you'll be able to enjoy that tiny smiling face so much more if you take 20 minutes for yourself. Heck, make it 30 and read a magazine while you're at it! We put ourselves last on our mile long to-do list, and for a few minutes a day, we can afford to be first. Honestly, I can see a difference in everything around me when I take my time. I managed to get more done around the house. I have a little bit more patience when Will decides he wants to be sassy. And I don't feel like a bum when Hubby gets home from work only to find me still in my pjs. I feel like such a loser when he asks, "Did you at least brush your teeth today?" Especially when it's about a 50/50 chance I did.

There are still days I don't make it that far. I get busy doing a million and one things while Will naps, and the second I decide to shower, he decides to wake up. Even on those days, I still try to take 5 or 10 minutes to pull myself together by fixing my face and hair, and brushing my teeth. Cut yourself some slack. Being a parent is hard work. But that's just even more reason why we deserve a few minutes to find an inkling of our former self. If those few minutes can bring your sexy back, then take it! At the very least, you'll smell better.

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