Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mom 'Do

These days, I'm back to my middle school stand-by hair style of a ponytail. If I blow dry it and flat iron the important pieces to wear it down, not long after I get home it goes up in a ponytail. Weirdly, my once stick straight hair gets a smidge wavier as the days go on. I don't know if its hormone changes from pregnancy or age, or both...but I like it. I've always LOVED, and been jealous of, wavy and curly hair. My mom's hair is, by her definition, out-of-control wavy, but I think that's just because she's been fighting it for so long. Even my dad's hair has some wave in it. My sister and I got stuck with the uber straight end of the stick somehow. But even lately my sister’s hair is pretty beach chic wavy.
Surprisingly, I've been able to get away with washing my hair every other day recently. A feat that would've NEVER ever been possible even 2 years ago since I've been an oil monger my whole life. I was lucky if my bangs (back in the day) or the front wispys of my hair weren't oily and gross by the end of the day. That was definitely bad news in elementary and middle school when I had bangs that were way too thick. Now, it's the end of day 2 that they get like that. Yay! If they are a little grungy at the beginning of Day 2, I pin them back in a severely modified Snooki poof, and throw the rest up in a ponytail.

I try to at least keep it looking presentable and not like I haven’t washed my hair or maybe showered that day. The better I look, the better I feel, and sometimes even the more I get accomplished that day. Weird how so many things can go hand in hand.

So what’s your mom ‘do? Did you give in to the mommyhood chop and lop off your tresses? I’m debating a new ‘do (shorter? long but with a loose wavy perm? just a trim? bangs?) to maybe try around my birthday (next month) and am curious to see/hear what your style answers are. Something easy to wash and wear for the summer, but something fun, and dare I say, sexy, at the same time!


  1. I have always been obsessed with my hair. In high school, my nickname was "Farrah." Right now, I'm sporting kind of a "Lisa Rinna" 'do. I feel like if my hair looks good, then the rest of me looks okay. Good luck finding your new 'do!

  2. It seems I have a compulsion to cut my hair super short when I have a child. Tried the pixie ALA Victoria Beckham with the first one....will not be returning to that. Still trying to grow it out, but I'm having thoughts like I could really pull off the super short thing again. I think I'll try and grow it out and do something like the Kate Beckinsale pic you have up there. Chic ponytail....that shall be my staple... :)


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