Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fave: Nursing Cover by Yvonne Spinks..

Whether or not to breastfeed my newbie was not even a question for me. It was great with Hunter and I knew that I wanted to give Jagger the same benefits of my milk. I'm a cow, I tell ya.....I can produce. I've already squirted the poor child in the face numerous times. And he obviously likes it by all the insanely loud noises he makes when eating. Anyway, in order to have a little bit of a life while breastfeeding, I knew I may have to do it in public sometimes....which called for a cute nursing cover. Which brings me to Yvonne. She makes the cutest nursing covers, burp cloths, taggie blankets, flannel blankets, custom hampers, and she even crochets her own hats and blankets. And she makes these crayon totes which are SUCH a good idea for trips out.  She's amazing.

I asked her to make me a nursing cover with a "boyish" pattern and she told me to peruse to find exactly what I liked. I got to pick the outside and inside fabric, the neck loop, and whether or not I wanted terry cloth pockets for pacifiers and quick clean ups. I got it in the mail and The one I customized is above.  It's so much better than anything from the store because I got to choose everything, it's large enough to fully cover and give excellent privacy,'s just plain super cute.

The cost was $28 + shipping for the cover, and I will definetely be going back to her for some other items (I would love to get the boys cute hats for the winter!) She has an Etsy site here ....but she doesn't have too much on it yet, but you can also check out her facebook site and i've posted some of her additional work below. Check her out....she's totally adorable!

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