Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where's my sick day?

So I told you that we've all been sick for the last week. Will started getting sick last Wednesday, the same day he busted his lip (which is 100% better now. You would have no idea that it was twice it's normal size a week ago. Yay!). His nose was runny and he had the beginnings of a cough. The next day he was sneezing and coughing like crazy. Everytime he sneezed a river of snot came gushing out of his nose and dripped down his face. He learned to run from me as soon as he sneezed because as soon as I heard him sneeze I was right there with a tissue to wipe it before he smeared it all over his face. That was fun...chasing a kid around the house with a tissue. I did become quite the nose wiping ninja though. I can get the job with one pinch/swipe, since that's all the opportunity I got.

I started getting sick around Thursday but managed to ward it off until the weekend for the most part. Hubby's started Saturday, but he managed to go to work as usual. Sunday and Monday were a blur. We didn't do a whole lot of anything but try to rest. Hubby ran a couple errands and brought home lunch, while I hung out with Will at home. Then I ran out to get a couple things and brought home dinner. There wasn't a whole lot of cooking going on except to heat up leftovers and soup.

Yesterday, I felt like crap, but didn't have much of a chance to let myself feel like crap. Hubby stayed home from work and he was a sick mess. Will was still sick, but he's obviously been feeling better in the last couple days. He's back to running around like a crazy kid, squeeling with delight, and weirdly gathering like items in piles. That's his new thing...he gets all of his blocks together and puts them in his lap and then screeches as he slaps them around and spreads them out all over the's pretty funny. Here you go for some Wednesday entertainment - It is Wednesday, right?

But yesterday there was too much to do for both Hubby and I to be down and out. Laundry was piling up, as were the dishes, dust, and materials for Will's birthday invites. Plus I had two boys to nurse back to health. I did all the laundry, make meals, finished Will's invitations, went to the post office to mail them (YAY!!!), the bank, and Trader Joe's for some essentials. I took Will with me to run our errands so Hubby could stay home and maybe catch a nap. There is no rest for a sicky mom when everyone else is sick too!

It was weird waking up yesterday thinking "Ugh...I feel like crap. Today is a sick day... Oh wait... I don't get sick days anymore". Even if I was working and I called in sick, I'd keep my kid at home with me and probably wouldn't get any rest either. It's an interesting new dynamic of being a mom and a stay at home mom, at that. Something that even after almost a year, I'm still not quite used to. I've been working since I was 15. Even when I was going in college, I still had one or two jobs plus school stuff to do. I'm used to spreading myself thin and thriving on chaos. I must get that from my mom. She's always got a million things to do and is famous for saying she has "NO TIME!". Hee Hee Hee - Love you mom!

So I need some tips. How do you stay healthy when your family is in the sicky dumps? What are some tips & tricks to maybe make everyone's recovery time a little faster/easier/cleaner? I took a few tips from Lani that seemed to help Will's recovery. We raised one end of his mattress, did a steam room treatment before bed, and pumped him full of Juicy Juice Immunity and water. They all seemed to help just a little bit. I am really glad we're getting this done and over with now before Will's birthday so we can enjoy ourselves in a couple short weeks.

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