Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're Painting the Kitchen .... BLUE

Slate Blue to be exact...

It all began last week when I declared war on my kitchen. The floor was full of crumbs and dirt, so I swept. While bending down to sweep up the smaller crumbs, I saw how disgustingly filthy the baseboards were. While wiping down the baseboards, I saw the splatters on the dishwasher and cabinet doors. While wiping down the cabinet doors, I saw the walls... What was supposed to be a 20-30 minute clean up turned into over an hour. How did my kitchen get this filthy!?!

Maybe the grubby little hands that scale my walls everyday...? If he can reach the wall or table from his high chair, it will be touched and full of ooey gooey food. The kitchen is the one room we haven't painted since we moved in. When we first bought our condo almost 3 years ago, we painted the living room, and two bedrooms before we moved in. We figured the kitchen could wait until we gutted it and put in new everything. Well, here we are...almost 3 years later and plans have obviously changed. There is no kitchen remodel in sight, as much as it would be nice... Our cabinets are holding up, and so are the counter tops. Right now, if it ain't broke, we ain't gonna fix it.

The sellers did a nice job of cleaning the place up with new carpet, tile in the kitchen, paint, baseboards, etc. before we bought it. However, they of course cut corners and used some cheaper materials like flat paint in the KITCHEN! I can scrub the walls all I want, but all that's going to come off is the paint, not the spaghetti sauce Will decided to play finger paints with. It totally grosses me out.

So when Hubby got home after I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, I told him we needed to paint. Yesterday, Will and I headed to Homey Depot to pick out a color. I personally like warm colors, such as a nice orange, for eating areas like kitchens and dining rooms. But alas, Lani has an orange kitchen. I can't copy her! The runner up is a slate blue. That was Hubby's first choice. The rest of our house has some muted tones on the walls, and the slate blue will be a nice addition. It will definitely flow nicely from one room to the next. It's between Behr's new Primer+Paint's Ozone or Regular Behr's Cloudy Day. I think we're leaning toward Ozone. Cloudy Day is just a little too light... I do really like the new Behr Primer+Paint display because the samples are nice and big! Makes it a lot easier to get a visual.

Here are the colors throughout the rest of our house:
- Living Room : Glidden Brushwood
- Kitchen: Behr Ozone
- Guest Bath: Disney by Behr Whistling Wind
- Will's Room: Behr Grasshopper Wing
- Master Bedroom: Behr Oakwood Brown
- Master Bath: Ralph Lauren Paint English Tan

Now you've seen what it looked like before... I'll post some after pics when we paint the yuckies away! I also have to find some new blinds for the kitchen because the one on the left is broke. It needs to be able to block the sun and heat out otherwise our kitchen is sweltering in the summer... any suggestions?


  1. I like the blue! I think it's perfect! I would not have minded a fact would have been flattered. You know what's funny about that orange too? People don't realize that it's ORANGE until they really look at it. Blue will work better for you with the white cabinets anyway. Can't wait to see it! \
    <3 Lani

  2. Yay to a new paint color. Painting is such an easy (I say that word lightly) way to update a room. Love the color and think it will look marvelous in your place. If you need help let a girl know =)

  3. Ohh.. We painted our kitchen blue too!! It's a Behr color too and of course I can't remember what it's called... Pretty similiar to yours. Great choice! Can't wait to see pics.

  4. I love seeing Before and After remodels!! I can't wait to see it painted blue, I think it is a great color! I just spent an entire saturday morning cleaning all of our white cabinets/stove/appliances/baseboards - it is amazing how disgusting everything can get with 2 kiddos in the house - good luck! I'm glad to have found your blog:)


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