Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fave: My new phone!

Happy Valentine's Day to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hubby got me a new cellular phone for Vday! Yes, I'm going to be fancy and say cellular phone... Woot! We have T-Mobile and a couple months ago when Hubby's screen cracked, I was kind enough to let him use my phone upgrade and he got the MyTouch. It's cool but he hates the touch screen keyboard. The response texts I got from him went from 2 or 3 words down to 1 misspelled word, or 1 word that didn't make sense. Wonderful... I had the Blackberry Pearl for over 2 years and I really liked it. Having access to my emails and Facebook at my fingertips was needless to say, GLORRRRRRRRRRRRIOUS! So I knew a fancy new touchscreen smartphone was in my future, but which one?!

I must say that it was hard (and still is) to give up the Blackberry Messenger. I talked to my mom and sister ALL DAY, everyday on that thing and the emoticons made texting that much more fun. Then my friend Yvett got a new Blackberry, so I was a bbm-aholic. But I hated the web browser more than I loved the bbm, so the decision was made...

I ended up with the Motorola Cliq in Winter White (I love white electronics...White laptop, White is just cool to me. I don't know why.). So far so good. I did some research, comparisons, and read lots of online reviews to arrive at my decision (I get that from my dad. We like to research things to death before we buy them). I wanted a touch screen, email, Facebook, and access to online stuff with a normal looking screen that didn't take forever to load or freeze up. After playing with Hubby's phone, the touch screen keyboard was not my fav. My Motorola Cliq is basically all of the good things from Hubby's phone plus a slide out regular button pushing keyboard. FAB!

It also makes getting all of my updates from Facebook, emails, Twitter happen in one spot. You just upload all of your accounts and TA-DA! you are updated instantly. It's addicting. I didn't talk much on Vday once I got my phone because I was too busy looking at how "shiny sparkly" (or Chinese Parsley if you're Lani) it was. I guess if Hubby was looking for a Vday gift that would shut me up, he found the perfect gift!

*Side Note: I don't get anything cool for promoting any of this stuff. I had to pay out of pocket for my new phone and agree to another 2 year contract just like everybody else. I just like to share things that make my life easier. :)

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  1. Yay for a new phone! Looks mighty cool! I'm sad we can't bbm anymore but, we still have texting =)


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