Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fave: Listy business a listmaker.

There...i've said it. I make lists. Lists for weekly menus, for groceries, for housecleaning, house repairs, and perhaps future projects that I would like to get done. I've even made lists for vacations I'd like to take and at the ages that Ii think it would be appropriate for the boys, activities we should do in the next couple months, and clothes I'd like to buy when i get my pre-pregnancy body back. There is always an eye roll or two from Sonny when I come home with another journal, notebook, notepad, or when I bust out making lists on the computer. I think I rarely ever actually cross off the lists, but for some reason just writing things down comforts me and makes me look forward to doing things. I have every intention of crossing things off when I make these....but it usually comes to me when I feel overwhelmed and the pure ACT of listing makes me feel slightly organzied and calmer.

But being a sucker for all things listy...I found this website that is PERFECT for me!!! Sonny's going to have a fit...but I love it! It's called and is full of notepads with every list that you could possibly want! It's got practical lists with just the right amount of kitsch to get me to drop some dough....and it's got some utterly ridiculous lists that I'd buy as gifts! My favorite "practical" ones I've seen so far are the All Out Of pad for your fridge, the Pack This pad, and the Do Your Chores pad. Come on...these are ones that we've put together before by ourselves....but how fab to have them all done for you! Others I like are the Romance Pros and Cons ( KNOW you've all done this once in your life!!!), Don't Kill the Kids, and New Parent Checklist for leaving the house...which I will be totally getting this list. Yes I'm not a new parent, but how I wish I had this the first go 'round! My favorite on that list is under fedeing, the number one item is breasts. Yup....don't forget your breasts when you leave the house. Oh and don't worry...there is a spot for the "seemingly obvious" which does include the baby and your brain. Love me.... but seriously....isn't this list so good for the dad too?? Like when he must pack the bag...just mark off what he needs and give him the list!! No more constant questions. I forsee a great father's day gift.

All in all.....I shall be spending money on this site. I found more that I would love to mention...but I'd basically be listing the site. Check it out...a little humor in your day is perfect for the busy mom who can't get away from lists! love it....

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