Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fave: COFFEE!!!

Back in the day when I was working, I worked within walking distance of a Starbucks. It was literally maybe 40 steps from my office to Starbucks. DEADLY! My coworker and I frequented the Star of the bucks. We went every morning, and sometimes we went went for a 3pm pick-me-up too! And sometimes we went in the afternoon because we needed to get out and away from our boss...Weird...I just realized I had another job with a Starbucks inside our store. That was equally as deadly. We didn't even have to go outside to get our caffeine fix!

Well, that became an expensive habit, to say the least. But I love me a good cup of coffee. About a year ago we put our coffee maker away and off the counter because we just weren't using it. I was preggers and couldn't drink it. Decaf coffee just isn't worth it to me. It's like caffeine free Coke. What's the point? So not too long after Will was born, I started my morning coffee ritual. It saves money on Starbucks runs (although I do still go once in a while when I'm at Target, especially if I have a gift card to burn), and I get my quiet time with my coffee and computer in the morning when Will takes his nap.

I just came across this creamer and it is GLORIOUS! Coffee Mate's Belgian Chocolate Toffee creamer! YUM! Maybe it's because I'm PMSing, but I am a fiend for chocolate any day. I like my coffee blonde and sweet (like I like my men...), so cream is a must for me. This gives me my coffee and chocolate fix all in one! Even Hubby has used it a couple times, and he likes his coffee strong and black (like he likes his women??? no that one doesn't really work in this case since I am white and squishy...). I am a fan of most of the Coffee-Mate creamers, some more than others, but this is by far my favorite! You can also sign up for coupons on their website here, which I just did. WOOT!


  1. Yum! I have not seen this one in my stores..but i'm a totaly sucker for Toffee or Almond flavors. I've been having ice cream with heath toffe bits sprinkled all over...drrroooolll. I'll have to look for this flava. And dont diss the's all i have right now (sigh)

  2. I am also hooked on Coffee-Mate creamers. I keep going back and forth with the Hazelnut and Vanilla. Right now its the Hazelnut. I even have to take with me on trips because I am afaid I will not find in a store where I am going. It's the BEST!


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