Thursday, February 11, 2010

and babies makes FIVE!

Usually it starts out with a mom and dad having a baby, and that makes three...sometimes it's two babies if you hit it just right...

Yesterday, Mom + Dad + Babies 1, 2, and 3 make FIVE! Our friends Mark & Jessica welcomed two girls and one lucky baby boy into the world yesterday afternoon. It was a big day after a long fight to keep these babies cookin' for as long as possible! I have been calling Jessica, SuperMOM for the last 10 weeks, because frankly, that's just what she is. Three days before her fabulous baby shower, hosted by yours truly, she was admitted to the hospital and never got to leave. She endured 10 long weeks of hospitalized bed rest, to the day. As of yesterday, she was 32 weeks and 5 days along. That's pretty amazing for her to be carrying triplets! Even more amazing is that all three of those babies were well over 3 lbs!

I tried to visit as much as I could, and especially on those days when I could tell just from her texts that she was dancing the fine line between insanity and boredom. Sometimes a strawberry shake and a little talk about something non-medical related is all it took to lift some spirits. It's a win-win because she gets a visitor and a break from the monotony, while I get a chance to get out of the house and have some adult conversation with my buddy! Woohoo!

Talk about a woman determined to do her job to it's fullest. Jessica did exactly as the Dr. told her and didn't ask for too much. I think she got to go outside two or three times in those 10 weeks per Dr's orders or wish granting, I'm not sure. Hubby, Will and I took her for a spin around the hospital one afternoon. There was a time when I was beginning to worry because I was on her every-other-day shower schedule...Not a good sign when you're not the one on bed rest!

Her hubby, Mark, was just as bound and determined as she was. Countless visits to the hospital. Countless lunch and dinner runs for her meals of choice. Countless chores to complete on his own. Several cars full of gifts to put away, along with however many other gifts that arrived at their doorstep, and a nursery to paint and put together. The extra honey-do's on his list were lovingly done with Jessica's approval along the way, I'm sure.

Together they are a good team. These three babies are so lucky to have parents so willing to sacrifice and fight with all their being for their new family. They are very deserving of these wonderful little bundles. We are lucky to call them our friends. Congrats! We can't wait to meet your three new members in a couple weeks!

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