Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make some time....

As the due date approaches, I have been getting more and more stressed about how to manage my time with a Toddler and a newborn. It's funny that Heather just kinda blogged about this, because I am totally feeling the same stress when it comes to time management and a little loss of identity. And one of the things that stresses me out the most is not whether the laundry gets done or the floor gets vacuumed.....but whether I'm going to lose a little bit of me with each child I have.

Like Heather said here, life before baby was so different than life after baby and being a SAHM. You had lunch with friends, had adult conversations at work, were free to have a glass of wine as soon as you got home, and had responsibilities beyond poop watch, pureeing food, and checking fevers. Granted, those are big responsibilities, but pre-baby you're used to working for YOURSELF, and post-baby, everything you do is selfless and for the well being, for the LIFE of someone else. Again....big responsibilities....but there are times when I sit back and wonder...what about me?

That may seem pretty selfish, but since the new year and since the panic of having 2 lives in the palm of my hand is setting in, I am realizing that I desperately need to make time for myself. My whole day is consumed with taking care of my family and making sure that every one's needs are met.....but at the end of the day....I feel a little unfulfilled and a little neglected by myself. So, I made a goal for myself to not lose what makes me feel good. And I'm starting with Scrapbooking.

Scrapping was a big part of my life before Hunter came, and it was just a hobby, but it made me feel peaceful, accomplished, and I love looking back on those albums and seeing all my hard work put into preserving those precious memories caught on film. It's SO satisfying when you finish an album and can sit and look back on the year, or whatever, and see alot of yourself in that book. I'm sure all you mommies out there have something similar to my scrapping, whether it be knitting, shopping, painting, whatever. Doesn't even have to be creative....but you have something that makes you relax and reflect on the things that you've accomplished. I was getting scared and stressed that I wouldn't have any time to finish those books, let alone create new ones for my babies and my family. That's when I realized that I have to MAKE THE TIME. I decided this morning that every Tuesday, laundry wouldn't get washed, floors wouldn't get cleaned, and dinner would be simple like soup and sammies.....all so during Hunter's nap time...I could scrap. I'm putting aside all mommy responsibilities for about 2 hours every week to do one thing that makes me feel like the original me. I started today, and let me tell you, it was glorious!!!

I realized, while I was doing it, that I'm going to have apply this concept for a couple other things after the baby is born. Namely exercise. This is partly because I was scrapping my Honeymoon album and was getting a little sad at how my hot my body USED to be. Anyway....I'm applying this theory in my life in order to create some sort of "detachment" from the everyday life of a SAHM. I love my kid(s), my husband, and taking care of my family....but if I want certain things for myself, I'm going to have to stop complaining or wishing what WAS....and make the time to make those things happen...

GO ME!! Haha!

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  1. It's freaky when we are on the same wavelength...

    I LOVE your idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I think I might have to copy you. I was aiming to get my new sewing machine out this week. Maybe Thursdays will be MY day...

    Love you!


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