Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

It's a bit bizarre that it is the year it is.  I's the year that was "the future" back in the 80's.  Many people made resolutions this year on how to better themselves...but a little bit of the critical mind that I am...I'm going to make resolutions on things NOT to do.  I believe that this way I'll be able to stick to them a little more, knowing that a day I wake up feeling like crap....I can NOT do anything and still have accomplished something.... 

1. I resolve to NOT be so body concious.  This doesn't mean that I won't work out or eat right....I just won't beat myself up over it if I decide to indulge in a pizza topped with onion rings with a little drizzle of ranch dressing on top...  Along with this, I resolve to NOT get lacksidasical on the way I look.  I tend to take a step ahead with beauty and fashion...then 2 steps back into sweats and sneaks.  Not this year folks!! I shall be a stunning beauty 24/7....

2.  I resolve to NOT constantly talk about redecorating our house and driving my Sonny out of his mind with the endless projects I want to do.  I will instead write them down on a gigantic list and cross them off as they get done.  I will also post said list where it's extremely visible so Sonny knows what's coming next....but I will not talk about it.

3.  I WILL NOT go over budget.  This is a we have never met our budget yet.  And if this means getting creative on a birthday gift for someone (go macaroni cards!!!) so be it.

4.  I resolve to NOT stress about the baby....or babies regards to other people.  Meaning, if i don't feel like doing something (going to dinner with g-parents, having playdates, blah blah blah) and it upsets someone else but it's what i feel like doing for me and the kids....sorry.  I'm just done with doing what other people want and dealing with the repercussions of cranky kids later.

5.  I resolve be so negative!!! HOORAY FOR 2010!!! It's going to be a great year!!!  WOO HOO!

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