Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fave: The Gypsy!

I have been talking (and tweeting) about this thing all week. It is seriously one of the coolest things EVER! Two years ago, Hubby surprised me and got me my own desk and Cricut Expression for Christmas. He shut me out of what was then our spare room/office and all I could hear was banging. I was not allowed to go in until Christmas morning (Which wasn't too hard because I couldn't exactly walk. I had my ACL replacement surgery 5 days before Christmas...I think I took a percoset and a nap while he banged away). It was really cool. Probably the best gift ever. He's really good at encouraging my creativity with new fun gadgets. I am an avid Cricut user.

Apparently a little birdie (aka Hubby) told my parents about the Gypsy when they asked what to get me for Christmas. I had seen an infomercial about it and about keeled over. Everytime I went to Joann's or Michael's, I walked by the Gypsy display and oooh'd and aaaaah'd at it. Hubby would then hear all about it for the umteenth time that evening. I seriously had no idea that I was getting this. I didn't even put it on my Christmas list because it's pretty expensive. When I was unwrapping the box that it came in, I thought it was a pair of shoes. Once it was unwrapped my jaw hit the floor. I was so shocked. (Thanks mom and dad!)

Sometimes, the problem with the Cricut alone is that it doesn't always use paper space efficiently. You could have a scrap of paper that you know would fit an image on it but it won't cut on it because it says its too small of a scrap. Pooey. Well, with the Gypsy, it doesn't even ask what size paper you are using! Here is a lovely example of how I played Tetris with letters and used up every inch of paper. Not to mention, you feel so techie using the touch screen and stylus pen.

The other bonus about the Gypsy...when you sync it up with the Cricut for the first time, it updates the firmware on your Cricut. I must say that my Cricut now loads and unloads paper easier, and cuts more smoothly and quietly.

Here is a finished picture of the sign I made to put outside for Lani's Sprinkle tomorrow. :) I think it turned out really cute! It's safe to post it today because she probably won't see it since she's at the airport and on her way to soon-to-be not so sunny Cali. Woohoo!


  1. oooooooh its like magic! How fun. Glad you're enjoying your gifts. Way to go Parents and the little bird =)

  2. Fun gadgets! I've been hearing about both and may have to check them out!! Thanks!


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