Friday, January 22, 2010

Flying not so solo....Part 2 as you can see from part one....I am having a most uncomfortable time on the plane because of massive turbulence, a giant protruding bulge that can't get down the aisles, the constant "help me, thank you, sorry" comments I am making to strangers, and the fact that I have been sitting for nearly a continuous 6 hours with a kicking commando in my belly.

I finally get to LAX safe and sound and motion sickness did not set in this flight (thank goodness) and it's time for the almost hour and a half ride to my parents house.  Just what I need...more sitting.  Thank goodness I had In N-Out to look forward good strawberry shake......(drrooooollll).  Ok...So everything is fine and good and dandy butt starts hurting.  I know, TMI, right? But it's really just my butt CHEEK and my thigh a little.....mainly from the sitting.  I thought my muscles just might be a little sore and tight and nothing that a little rest couldn't fix.  However, since I'm not in my own bed, everything's just a little off.  My parents tried to make me as comfy as possible, piling 8+ pillows in my room.....but it just wasn't the same as my gigantic wrap around body pillow that I'm used to hugging.  So, that first night was trial and error just on how to sleep....with a pain in my butt.

Saturday is the shower.....and how glorious it was!!!  You can see pics from Heather's post here.  It was perfect, and gorgeous, and the food was yummy, and I tried to look best a pregnant girl can anyway.  But there was still that annoying little pulled muscle in my behind that wasn't going away and I'm sure the 4 inch heels I was wearing wasn't making it any better.  Then after the shower, Heather and fam, my sister, and my friends Megan and Tina (and myself of course) went to dinner for a little friendly bash.  They sat us at this table that was bar height (what's with these tables??? I swear!!!) and again...too short to reach the foot rest.  The pain was getting unbearable!  It started in my left cheek, at the shower it was in the center, like my tail bone, and at dinner it had migrated to the right.  It sounds funny....but the pain was getting so bad that halfway through dinner I had to stand with my weight on my left foot.  The next day was a trip to Disneyland and all I was thinking was how I wanted to go home and lay down so I could don my Uggs and walk around Disney.  How sad is that?

When we got home my mom offered to rub my tushy.  No,'s nothing a little rest won't cure.  O...M...G.  At 2 o'clock in the morning pain was shooting through my right cheek with such ferocity that I couldn't even move.  No position would relieve the pain, and turning left or right just brought more pain.  I felt that if I could have laid on my stomach I could have taken some pressure off....but obviously....not an option.  After a painful trip to the bathroom....just cuz I couldn't hardly sit on the seat.....not for any other reason....I reverted to a 3 year old and went crying to my Mommy for Tylenol, rubbing, and just general mommy care.  She woke up immediately, got my dad to get me meds, heated up a hot water bottle....and at 3 am, for the next hour, she iced and heated my cheek, rubbed my bootie with Vicks (cuz bengay and Icy Hot have aspirin in them which is a preggo no no) and took care of me like a little baby. 

While I was being taken care of, so wonderfully, by my momma, all I could think about was my little baby and how his mommy was not there to take care of him.  (sigh) It was awful....the pain in my tush and the pain in my heart (trust...not this sappy unless it concerns Hunter).  I was just thinking about how he might be coughing and wheezing and just want to be held by his momma, like how I just wanted to be taken care of by mine, and how I wasn't there.  I came to the immediate conclusion that if I can ever help it....I'm never leaving my children again.  Rash?  Maybe....but by then I was drugged and happy and having a butt rub.  Oh, and I must have fallen asleep cuz when I woke up I was alone in my parents king size bed and they had taken my little bed.  Awww....parents.  And the pain was completely gone!!!

Anyway, so taking a trip by myself really turned out to be a learning experience.  I was literally never alone because of 1) the little person reminding me that he was with me all the time, 2) all the people I actually had to talk to in order to manuever through the airport and, 3) the gigantic pain in my ass.  Also, the thought of my little man (and I guess my big man too, Mr. Sonny) were always on my mind....with the constant "is everything ok" thoughts.  It's hard to leave them, and I honestly don't know if I'll be doing it again.  It was such a wonderful trip and I'm glad I got some time away before the baby madness begins again, but it felt so good to come home; pain free and worry free.

OH...and after talking to Megan the next day (who's a P.A.) she informed me that it was probably my sciatic nerve that had gotten pinched (?) irritated (?) swollen (?) from the constant sitting that I was doing the day of the flight.  So....if you do have to fly when preggos....MAKE SURE you get up and stretch out and walk around.  It's so much better than having your butt cheek on fire...

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  1. I had that same problem for the last trimester when I was preggo with Will. It hurt so bad that it would knock the wind out of me. It probably didn't help that I was sitting at a desk all day at work, much like your airplane and car travels... You have to make sure you're up and moving every hour or more if you can. I'm sure chasing around Hunter at home will help. Hubby would hear me groan in pain everytime I went to move in the middle of the night. Ugh. It was awful... Sorry friend.



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