Friday, December 11, 2009

FF: Assets by Sarah Blakely

I was all excited to put together a cute outfit to wear to the shower I hosted last Saturday. I don't get to dress up much, so I bought 2 dresses because I couldn't decide, a belt, and some jewelry. Don't worry Hubby, I returned the 2nd dress I didn't end up wearing...

I wanted to wear my boots because I hardly wear heels anymore since I'm running around all the time and I LOVE these boots! I bought them last winter because they actually fit my preggo swollen calves comfortably. Then I decided some black tights would look super cute with my ensemble. I stopped by Target and saw Assets by Sarah Blakely. She makes Spanx. These are basically the poor woman's Spanx! I've seen them but have never had a use for them because I don't get out much, so I didn't ever try them. OMG! They are fantastic!!!

After everything for the shower was all set up and ready to go, I slipped away to the restroom to change and make myself look presentable. I pulled these tights on and immediately felt everything get sucked all in. It was AWESOME! I could sinch the belt at my waist to the tightest notch without feeling like I was suffocating myself. When I tried my outfit on sans the tights, I was on the middle notch. That's at least an inch smaller! For $14.00, these are well worth it! I felt great the whole time, and wasn't worried that I had forgotten to suck it in while I was conducting the games portion of the baby shower. I would wear these everyday if I could! I can't wait to wear them again for Lani's Sprinkle.

For you preggos, she also makes a maternity version of Assets. I wish I would've picked these up while I was preggo to wear with my dresses to work! I think I will pick up some leggings, too!

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  1. See now that's affordable..Thanks for the tip. I'll have to stop by and pick one up!

    BTW you did look fabulous at the shower!


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