Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, precious Sunday....

This week has been a tough one in our household.  Sonny has had to make some major changes at work, which means some major changes at home.  It sucks, to put it bluntly, but there is really no other way to sugar coat it.  Basically, he went from being able to work 10-12 hour days, sometimes taking a day or a half day off, to back to 14-16 hour days, 6 days a week......nice huh?  Our lofty goals are that by the time he's 40 he'll be able to work less than 60 hours a week.  Yup....our limits are high....'s been tough on me as well as Sonny because now instead of getting a little relief at 6:00 pm...I'm with Hunter from dusk 'til dawn.  Pick him up from bed and putting him to sleep.  It's rough!  I know there are alot of moms out there that are doing it on their own and I commend you....but I am not ready for that.  So this is tough for me....mentally, physically, and anything else.

So after a rough week that included a visit from the parents (you'd think that would be some relief, but I'm just more tired) and Thanksgiving.....I have Sunday.  Ah glorious Sunday!  The day that Sonny is home...home all relieve me of the feeding fights, diaper wrestling, bath yelling, and the occasional baby mental breakdown that seems to be happening more and more.  I feel the terrible two's coming on at 18  But most of all....Sunday is our FAMILY day, the day where I get to spend all day with the man that I now seem to barely talk to during the week as we are both so exhausted that he wants to sleep and I want to veg out. 

And what a day this Sunday was!!!  First was beautiful outside.  I got to sleep in...just for a little while ( I got a little jealous that I heard the boys having so much fun without's a hard habit to break this mommy hood thing).  Then we went on a little walk outside in the gorgeous weather, had a little lunch, the parents passed out while the baby napped, and then we had a great time having dinner at a little pub.  Hunter was so good at the restaurant...that I think Sonny and I were able to have and hour long conversation without once having to entertain him with toys, songs, and whatever else.  He just sat there and ate and drank and looked and cute waitresses and watched some football.  No joke.  The kid amazes me when I least expect it.

Then, at the end of the day, we came home and watched a Christmas movie, all of us laying on the floor in our living room rubbing our bellies.  Sonny and I laughed that he is truly our Son.  When you break down all of our personalities.....just feed us and sleep us and let us rub our bellies and we'll be happy.  Hunter got his bath, singing in the tub with daddy, and cuddled with us on the couch while he had his milk.  I think Hunter knows that changes are coming to the house, and I think he realizes that the time with his daddy right now are precious.  Although the week gets tough and I know he gets a little sick of me by Wednesday, the day we had today, smiling, laughing, enjoying our family time....... that it makes me look at the week ahead a bit more confident, recharged, and ready to take on whatever is thrown at us in life.  This family can take long as we have our Sundays...

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