Monday, November 30, 2009

Organize Me!

This week is going to be a rough one. The baby shower I'm throwing for my friend, Jessica, (who is having triplets!) is this Saturday. I've been planning this shower since I before she told me she was pregnant...I just knew she was. I think I have a preggo 6th sense because I knew Lani was pregnant with #2 before she told me, too.'s a big ass shower for a BIG occasion! As if finishing the prep work for this shower wasn't enough to put on my plate this week, I've also thrown a few other things on there. This must be a buffet!

After seeing the cool gym Lani takes H to in Jersey, I wanted to look for one in SoCal to take WEB to. It would be nice to socialize him more and give him a change of scenery. So we are trying not one, but 2 different ones this week. One class on Tuesday and one on Friday. I'll review them next week for you. Then, we are going to the Science of Gingerbread exhibit opening at the Discovery Science Museum.

On top of that, I'm working on the invites for Lani's Sprinkle, and mock up invitations for a client's wedding. As Hubby says, I thrive on chaos. I somehow manage to get everything done when I have less time to do it. If I have lots of time to do something, it will take me forever to finish it. He laughed at me when we were leaving for our trip to Jersey because I set my alarm for 6am with the intentions of leaving at 6:30am. I was planning on taking a shower, fully get ready, finish packing my toiletries and pack a cooler of food/snacks for WEB. It normally takes me 45 minutes to shower and get ready alone...I have no idea where my brain was when I set that alarm. We were still out the door and in the car by 6:35am. Magic!

So in the theme of organization, I figured I would show you how I try to organize WEB's clothes as he grows out of them... We have large Ziploc bags that Hubby uses for marinating. I also got one of those large Ziploc storage containers (because I had a coupon!) that has a zipper closure. I separate the clothes by size first. Then from there I separate shorts, pants, outfits, pjs, onesies, socks, etc. I end up with piles that look something like the top picture. Then I put them in the large marinating Ziplocs and write what is in there. I also try to separate the gender neutral stuff we have because this is as much for me and our next child as it is to send to Lani or let another friend borrow while we don't need them. I've managed to squeeze WEB's clothes into one of those blue bags from newborn to 6 months. This just makes everything easier for later. I throw the clothes into a bin until it's full and then I sit down and put it away. So far I've done it once every other month. It takes half an hour and it just feels better to not see a mound of clothes laying there in WEB's closet.


  1. As much as i love organizing...that's just completely anal!! :)

    -love you! Lani


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