Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling fabulous when feeling fat....


I like starting all my posts with So.  I shall do it from this point forward...

So...I've written a couple posts on my closet, clothes, shoes and the like.  I love fashion, I love playing dress-up, and I feel like I've lost that a little since the wee little chubby turd of a Hunter was born.  And now that I'm pregs again....well forget it!  Sweats, sweats, sweats....right?  WRONG I SAY!  I am determined this time around to feel and look fabulous this pregnancy (and beyond), and I say to all you mommies and all you preggos that you too can do the same! Join in the revolution with me to be the Anti-pregs!!!  5 inch stillettos at 8 months? Just go a size bigger to accomodate those swollen feet!  Let's discuss on ways that we can feel belly beautiful.

This time around...I think I did something smart with my closet.  I cleaned it out!  No really, not just cleaned it....but ALL my clothes are gone.  Well, pretty much.  The first pregnancy, I was so determined to get my pre-baby body back that I never emptied the clothes that didn't fit.  I wanted them hanging, in full view of my face, to remind myself of where I need to be.  Big mistake.  Every day I woke up with a closet full of reminders of how fat I was.  I wasn't relishing a little growing human inside me...I just knew I couldn't fit into my favorite skinny jeans, or my gigantic milk jugs would be exploding out of my wrap dress, or even that I constantly had a "Tommy Boy" moment when my chubby arms wouldn't fit into my little jackets (fat broad in a little coooooaaaatttt.....).  How depressing to wake up EVERY DAY like that!  So instead of dedicating only a little corner to the dreaded pregnancy wardrobe....I dedicated the whole closet.  Now I can walk in and say "Hello clothes that fit!  Make me look fabulous!!!"

The second thing I'm doing different is wearing my pregnancy clothes early.  How diva-licious can you feel when you are sporting some real time muffin top.  Not so much.  Yes, the maternity jeans are a little big right now, but I feel comfortable, and my shirts look muffins in sight.  Another thing along these lines is that I'm actually buying MATERNITY clothes (how dare I say the M word).  Really, there are some pretty cute styles out there right now and you CAN look great in them.  Seriously.  I kid you not.  There is no joy in wearing a regular size sweater in sizes 3 times you're normal just because it's "regular" clothes.  Clothes are cut to fit a certain way, and regular clothes are not meant to fit a maternity body.  Trust me, you will feel cuter and more stylish in clothes that are cut to fit your growing bump.  And don't just resort to the Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, and Gap.  Yes....they do have cute stuff, but you can still be trendy too.  Some great websites to try are ASOS, Due maternity, and even Shop Style.  Shop style is a great website because it searches a number of different sites at once.  And I say invest.  I know it seems outrageous to spend money on maternity clothes since you'll only be wearing them for 9 months, but do the research, and spend the money on things that you will wear over and over, and that you can dress up and dress down.  Tunics that work as dresses with leggings or over jeans, a wrap dress that you can throw a cardigan over for day and a nice jacket over for night....blah blah blah.

The third thing is take mean be IN the pictures.  I think I took a total of four pics of myself during my first pregs.  I know, it's awful.  I didn't even take the traditional growing belly pics.  BUT...make sure that the pics you ARE taking are flattering!  Don't just sit there like a lump and then look at the pic and mull over how fat you look.  Red carpet EVERY PICTURE.  Seriously!  Enforce the skinny pose (yes I know, not skinny, but it will make your pregnant bump look so much cuter!)....example of pose: hands on hips, body turned slightly sideways from the camera, one foot slightly in front of the other, cock your head a bit with you're chin jutting just a bit forward.  You will feel totally bizarre doing this....but trust in it!  It really works!  I will post a pic of myself doing it as an example.  Not saying that it will be the most stunning pic you're ever seen, just an example of how to do.  You will get through the holidays with at least a couple pics that you'll want to put in you're scrapbook.  This goes for non-preggos too.  It always seems like mommies are less and less in pics these days.  Oh!  And make the Hubs hold the baby for family pics.  You're arms are occupied with the hands on hips position.

Invest in accessories.  If most things make you feel blah, find a great scarf, cardi, earrings, necklace, headband, WHATEVER, that make you feel wonderful!  Watch out for those rings and swelling fingers, though!

Lastley, maybe more for my sake than yours :), I'm going to be posting some outfits that I've put together as a pregnant lady.  It will inspire me to make an effort...and hopefully will inspire you guys in your quest to be beautiful and belly-licious!

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  1. I was just telling Jessica that part of the battle with feeling good during your pregnancy is not resisting the maternity wear. Once you give in you feel and look so much better. I was all about the elastic top pants. I wish it was acceptable to wear them all the time...they're so comfy!

    I did the same thing with my closet while I was pregnant. All of my skinny clothes went in WEB's closet while my small pregnancy wardrobe was right where I could see it. It makes your day so much brighter!



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