Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pink Factor?

I have never been a girly girl, really. I guess relatively speaking compared to my sister, I am, but growing up I hardly ever wore dresses. I grew to love teals and blues and blacks for my clothing with a very rare pink or purple thrown in. In the last 6, almost 7 months, I feel like I'm slowly turning the pink page of my life. I'm outnumbered in my house now. Boys-2, Girls-1.

In my recent shopping expeditions, I picked up a magenta shirt, magenta cardigan (that picture makes it look like a total mom-look, but it's really not...), and paisley with pinks and purples shirt. All things that I don't think I would've even thought twice about before. I've thought about changing the accent color in our bedroom from teal to purple - shhh...don't tell Hubby! If I had my own office, I'd be painting at least one wall hot pink.

For some reason, being outnumbered in my own house has made me feel like I need to reclaim my girly-ness. I'm too busy changing my boy's messy clothes, shoveling food in his mouth because a leisurely pace leads to freak outs, and catching him before he falls off of whatever he's climbing on. When I do laundry, I'm fishing for my clothes and maybe having them girl colors makes them easier to spot? I've taken up girly things like planning baby showers and sewing WEB's Halloween costume.

Maybe things changed because growing up I was always part of the majority. It was me, my sister, and my mom against my dad and our dog for the boys.  I talked to Lani about it and she was doing similar things like making their bedroom less masculine looking by adding some pattern and/or purples. Who knows, maybe it's all in our head, but I just thought it was interesting...

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