Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8

The 3 of us are addicted to this show. We watched rerun after rerun of this show when WEB was a wee-newborn and we were up at all hours of the day and night. There were several marathons from April and on through the summer, so before the newest season actually started we had seen just about every episode. This was just before all of the drama with them started happening. We were in love with this family and especially the kids. They each have their own unique personality that is sometimes too cute for words. Aaden is my favorite.

Again, before all of this drama started happening, I felt like Kate got a bad rap. As a new mom, I saw how hard life was, especially very early on. It's a huge adjustment with one, let alone multiples. I think as a mom you realize the necessity for routine, order, normalcy, etc. I could see that there was a method to her madness. When you've got little squirts running around, you have to run a tight ship or you're all going to be floundering around. It also didn't help her case that I'm sure they edited the show to portray Kate as a not-so-nice version of herself to boost some ratings.

We watched the newest episode last night. I'm sure they're editing the show to portray Jon as a doofus now, but I have lost all sympathy for him. It just makes me sad that we enjoyed this show so much and now it's a shadow of it's former self, much like I'm sure their family is. When these rumors started flying, Hubby and I were really pulling for them, hoping that they would work things out at least for the sake of their kids. That's 8 kids to scar with a divorce. Ouch.

One thing that Kate said in last night's episode that really resonated with me was that she is so proud of how adaptable her kids are. Was I not just blogging about that a couple days ago?! They get to do all of these fun adventures and vacations. Each kid really takes it all in and rolls with it. There don't seem to be tantrums about not wanting to go like you would expect. She said the sextuplets didn't whine or cry at their first day of Pre-K. That's their first real experience with being dropped off in a day care situation and they just went along with it. I really strive to make WEB an adaptable kid like that. There are so many things Hubby and I can hardly wait to do with him. We want to go to the zoo, go camping and fishing, or just go run around at a park. I just hope that we can teach him to roll with the punches and have fun with whatever life might throw at him. Being adaptable is a great characteristic to have, and I think it makes you an easier person to be around.

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