Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frolicking in the Fall

AHHHHHH, Autumn.  Isn't this the BEST time of year?  The changing of the leaves (for those who have sorry Californites), the eating of the comfort foods, the harvest colors (my favorite!)....and best of all....the layers of clothes you get to wear!  No more unforgiving tank tops and shorts!  Woo hoo!!!

One of my favorite new traditions is to go pumpkin picking at a local farm in Medford, NJ called Johnson's farm.  It's so great that there are actual FARMS here in NJ that are so close.  This place is literally down the road and uh....over the bridge (Mary Poppins obscure reference).   No really, it's close!  We started this last year when Auntie Megs was here visiting and thought it would be a great tradition.  You start off with a hayride through the farm, you see corn and sunflowers and strawberries....well....where they WOULD be if it was summer and they were still growing....and then you get to the pumpkin patch.  This place is HUGE!  I don't know why I was picturing a big barren field, mostly dust, with haystacks and some pumpkins gathered about, but this was truly pumpkin PICKING.  There were vines everywhere and you actually pick...PICK....your pumpkins.  I sure am capitalizing my words alot today.

Anyway, what a great family farm, and they have so many activities to do year round, too!  In November you can pick popcorn (?  that's what it says...i thought popcorn was the same as corn....but it says popcorn) sweet potatoes, and cotton.  Woo hoo!  And there's apple picking, strawberries and blueberries in the great!  Not only do they have a hayride, but they also have a great playground, bakery, market place to get farm fresh produce, go-cart area, and a petting zoo.  This was such a fun day and it's such a fun tradition to have.  I encourage you to all look into local farms in your areas.  It's not just cows and sheep and corn.  Many of them now have great family activities year round, and it's always smart to support your local farmers.

Happy fall everyone!

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