Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Gas Relief

Gas should've been WEB's middle name. When he was a newborn, we had trouble getting him to burp after feedings. We tricked a million different positions to get him to burp. We sat him up and held his jaw/chin to stabilize him and patted his back. We laid his belly on our fore arm. We did the old fashioned of putting him on our shoulder. What worked one day might not work the next, or even the next feeding for that matter.

Part of the problem when I was nursing him was my affinity towards Mexican food, and Del Taco in particular. Once I realized that could be a culprit, I sadly eliminated Del Taco from my diet. It seemed to help a little bit, but not a whole bunch.

There were times, especially in the evenings, when WEB was inconsolable and he was writhing in pain from gas bubbles in his little belly. Poor guy! After a cruise through a few of our baby books and a search on the internet, Hubby found a lovely remedy that saved ours and WEB's sanity. I apologize in advance for the horrible picture, but it was all that I saw online that illustrated what I meant...
Lay your little one on their back on a flat surface - the sofa, floor, table, whatever. Put their legs 90 degrees in the air and pump their legs so their thighs touch their chest, or close to it. Let me tell you that this worked like a charm! I usually made up a song to sing along with the exercise to entertain him so he would do what I wanted, but sure enough after a few pumps of his legs we would hear "pffffffffft" after "thhhhhhhhhhhhhppppftttt" and a little smile would go across his face. It was instant relief.

Once he got old enough to arch his back and stiffen up his legs, this trick ceased to work, but we also didn't need it as much because, well, he is mine and my husband's child.....meaning he is gassy and now knows how to expel it. I'm sorry son, but it's the hand you've been dealt. :)

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