Monday, August 17, 2009

A-Mazeing bag designer!!!

My lovely Neighb, Lia, had her baby shower on Sunday. So much fun! I didn't really know anybody there, as it was a lot of family and friends from HS, but I did get into great conversations with her college roommate, Kate. This girl blew me away!! For one reason cuz she's super sweet, but I found out she makes handbags. SHE MAKES THEM, PEOPLE!!! herself...sews them and sells them and all. A-Mazing!

So I just thought that was pretty cool and wow and hey I wish I could do something like that....but then we got to her present for Lia. Kate told me she made clutches for like weddings and bridesmaids and stuff, which was cool cuz I thought that would be a fun connection for Heather with her invites and stuff (PS Heather: told her about paper monkey so she'll have to be a wedding connection for you and vice versa! Look at me! I'm the ever-lovin' connector!). Anyway....Lia opened her present, and I swear to you, it was the most beautiful and the most amazing diaper bag I have ever laid my eyes upon. I took some pictures (posted below) but I just don't think they do it justice. I'm going to have Kate send me some that she took cuz they are probably way better than mine. Anyway, again.....i loved my Diaper bag until I laid my eyes on this! Kate literally made her own template after discussing with Lia what she would like, picked the fabric, made her own piping (HER OWN PIPING, Y'ALL!!) and totally customized it to what Lia wanted. I loved that the zipper came all the way down the sides so you could really get into the bag without having to take out everything. The bag was lined with this beautiful paisley print and had pockets sewn into the sides, great room for diapers and wipes and bottles and the like. It was also stuffed with a blanket and some other goodies inside, so you know this bag has room to spare! I loved that the look was more like a weekender bag than it was a diaper bag, and Lia's husband could easily carry it too without looking silly!
I was so amazed, I pretty much ordered one right there. I loved it! We're going to get in contact so that she can customize colors and fabric and anything else I might want. I have no idea what the prices are like, but I'll get back to you on that.
I just thought this was so neat (neat? really...i pulled out that word...) because I know that every baby is different and every mom is different and Kate can really tailor to your needs in a bag! How FAB is that? Check out her website at, and I'll be sure to post the progress of my bag along with price lines and stuff to give you guys ideas!

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  1. It's amazing. Stacked and spunky is on diapers and divas. sorry ladies, I definitley need to make a more conscious effort. Definitely enjoy the new diaper bag post. That girl rocks.


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