Monday, August 31, 2009

Heat Wave

You know it's hot when the consistency of your hand soap in your bathroom turns to water...

First of all, I don't know what we were thinking buying a condo in Lake Forest without any air conditioning two years ago. We bought it in late May/early June. A few times while we were here prior to escrow closing, we opened up the sliding glass door in the living room and the large window in the kitchen and there was a nice wind tunnel cross breeze so we figured we would be fine. Um...what about when there isn't a breeze? Granted there are only a few weeks during the summer here and there that are utterly unbearable, but it would still be nice to have some A/C.

My little WEB-man was born at the end of March. We had a nasty heat wave in the middle of April or May that was just torture. Thank goodness for the A/C fairy - aka Poppa - that came knocking on our door the second day of the heat wave with a portable A/C unit. We would not have made it this far in the summer without it. We had lower than normal temperatures for the majority of August and then this last week we've been slapped with the 92 degrees but feels like 104 degrees according to my right hand man, The humidity here has been up to 70% or more some days, which is unheard of in Southern California. It's sticky and yucky like we were in Florida or something.

My little guy sleeps in his diaper most nights, and unless we are leaving the house, rolls around in his diaper too. It's just too dang hot

Some ways we've been trying to keep cool:
- Hang out in the shade in the pool. If you don't have a pool, crash a friend or relative's house that has one. We've been at our friends' pool and at my Grandma's pool. WEB loves playing in the water so it's a bonus that it's a super fun time too.
- Go to the mall. You can walk around in the nice air conditioned mall, get some exercise and window shop. When you're on a budget, window shopping is about the extent of my shopping experience, but I can at least grab an inexpensive snack or beverage.
- Check out local kid's museums. I haven't taken WEB to any of these yet since he's too young to get anything out of it, but I know we will be frequent visitors next year. There's a new one right by us, Pretend City (, that just opened this weekend. I already went on their site to be put on their mailing list and will probably get us passes for the summer next year to save us some money on admission.
- Wander around Target. Often times we head over to our second home, Target, at around 3pm and beat the heat at the hottest part of the day. You don't have to spend any money, even though it's hard to stay away from temptation there...
- Keep wet washcloths and ice packs in the freezer. These are good to take out and put on the back of your neck to cool off. WEB is teething, so he likes to chew on them.

Stay cool!

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  1. You guys are always welcome to come visit (avoid the heat) either at our place or the pool! I find myself avoiding so many outdoor malls because of the heat. Target is always a good choice though. Just bought a cute top on sale =)


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