Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fave : Special K

I've always been a cereal girl, and not the super healthy kind either. My Papa worked for General Mills so at an early age I was spoiled with tasty cereals like Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs, along with other GM treats like Squeez-Its and Dunkaroos. I've tried healthier cereals and just never saw the point, especially now that the good stuff has whole grains and vitamins added into it so it's somewhat good for you.

So in my quest to eat a little healthier to lose this post-baby weight, I decided to try something with flakes and maybe some fruit. Lo and behold Special K was on sale at the grocery store so I picked up a box of the fruit and yogurt blend. It is now one of my favorite cereals. Even with Lucky Charms right next to it on the shelf, I have caught myself going for the Special K instead. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! I know! Crazyness!

A bonus feature of the Special K is that if you get 5 boxes and collect the "tokens" they have on the back of the box and send them in, you get $10 off a pair of jeans! It's supposed to help you lose a pants size so you can buy some skinnier jeans. Hello! Now you're speaking my language! First of all, losing weight is of course a good thing. Second of all, jeans are my uniform. I have a gazillion pairs. Most are in my pre-preggo size and I miss them terribly - but I will wear them again some day, I am determined. Plus I'm somewhat of a jean snob, thank you Southern California and celebutantes...

So if you buy Special K on sale for around $2 a box, and you collect the 5 tokens to get $10 off a pair of jeans, you've basically gotten your money back in the form of free denim! How cool is that?! So grab a box, maybe drop and L-B or two, and get some free money! I know I will!

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  1. Oh what a deal! Money back just for buying their product and you lose weight..loving it.


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