Monday, May 20, 2013

Yeah...So...Some Stuff's Happened...

Hello all, How have you been?  Oh that's good...good to hear it.  Oh how are we?  We're good...let me fill you in a bit on what's been going on in my life and I'll let Heather share hers at a later date.

Obviously I haven't been around for awhile.  Things have been NUTS in my life.  First, my life's been rocky.  I won't go into exact details about it, but let me just say that marriage takes WORK.  A lot of WORK.  And it's easy to give up....but in my family there are no quitters.  So that's been going on.

Another is my husband's work went through a major management restructure and they decided that his position wasn't needed anymore.  Um, Ouch.  So in the midst of it all, Craig was let go from his job.  This was hard...IS hard...but we are also getting through it.  We just have to buckle down and make it work.  Isn't that the D&D motto all what you got?  Well, we are working it to the bone, baby.

Also, I was looking into another job...within my current company...but it would definitely be a promotion.  Which is GREAT, but with every promotion comes more responsibility, more time, YES more money....but right now money was the only appealing aspect.  It would take away time with my family, time to do my Etsy shop (which I love), time to read/garden/play/run/eat/drink and I could go on.  It's most definitely an opportunity that will eventually present itself again in the future and that I would love to take...but after much decision making and self's not something that's good for me now.  With all the change that is going on in the rest of my life, this wasn't the move for me.  So there was that too.

So, all that being said, these changes have provided me with a little bit of new insight into life, one that I personally want to bring to this blog as we bring BACK the blog.  My husband and I have realized that our house has not been a home for awhile, it's just been a place to rest our heads.  And we definitely want to make it a HOME.  We realized that we need to buckle down because of our current job situations and start really being frugal, making meals at home, and cutting back on alot of things (yes my shopping addiction must cease).  Also, we realize that family is more important than ever...and we want to do more as a family and create wonderful new memories for us and our kids.  These topics aren't foreign to the world of Diapers & Divas, but right now I have a whole new light on them and I want to bring them back with a passion.  I hope you all enjoy the little mini re-birth of our blog, and I can't wait to share all the good things that I see happening in my life!

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  1. Love ya Lani! Can't wait to see if you hang things on the wall:)


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