Monday, July 30, 2012

That’s Ma Boooaatt…

Name that movie!! It’s one of my all time faves…
My basement is a treasure trove of junk.  No really, junk.  There are boxes down there that remain unpacked from when I moved here 7 years ago.  What in the world could I possible want to keep if I haven’t touched it in seven years??  Well…after tripping over odd Easter décor and toys the kids no longer play with and a winter coat with a huge rip in it, I stumbled upon this little treasure:
I completely forgot we even had this little boat!  It’s actually my husband’s, whose grandfather had made it quite some time ago.  It had fallen off it’s support and was really a bit of a mess.  A rubber band, newspaper and a lot of jerry rigging went on.  The boat is so sweet and old and really just screams history.
I love all the little cracks and crinkles, though.  Even the browning of the sails….it’s just sweet.  You can see in the picture above that I fixed that support issue.  I basically stripped it of all the jerry rigging, shaved down and cleaned off the posts (there was lots of nasty glue dried all hap hazard) and used good old liquid nails.  Good for life!  Well, after I had fixed up a good little piece of our family history, I decided it needed a better home than our basement.
Now he lives happily on our mantle shelf in the dining room right next to a picture of Sonny and I.  It’s a little piece in our room that makes it feel, to quote the great Nate Berkus, “collected over time.”  See, Nate?  I DO listen to you when you talk.  Sorry about your show…I really enjoyed it….
I LOVE IT!  Maybe there are things worth keeping that you haven’t looked at in 7 years!  I’m making it a point to get my basement organized, and pretty much my whole house (hmmm…I’ll have to go back and see how often I’ve said that in the past 4 years on this blog!).  For now, this is a wonderful little addition to my home décor that cost me, what? Nothing!  Love that price!


  1. LOVE it! I think I'd do a whole nautical room around that boat. So cool!

    1. I actually think that's the way i'm going to go with this room because of this little guy!!


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