Monday, June 25, 2012

Nifty Thrifty

What is better than a surprise quickie visit from your best friend on your birthday? How about a surprise Thrifting Trip with your BFF on your birthday!

My awesome Hubby did some research on the best thrift shops in our area, different from the ones near our house that I frequent for us to go to. He even printed out directions! We managed to hit a few new spots, like Savers in Anaheim. A long, long time ago, there was one in Huntington Beach near my parents’ house. It looks like the one in Anaheim is the closest now.

I think Lani is ready to go!
DSC09602Similar to Goodwill, they have tags with different colors. On certain days, those colors are an extra % off. Of course, the things we picked weren’t part of the special colors for that day. I should’ve taken more pics of the inside for you because it was very well organized and they had a ton of stuff. I was busy coming down from my excited-ness and catching up with Lani.

There wasn’t that much in the way of furniture or accessories that was to our liking. We both found a few things. I found these Tod’s heels.
Thrifting-001$59.99 is a far cry from the regular retail price of around $400-900 depending on the style… It looked like they were maybe worn once, if at all. I wasn’t sure what I would ever wear them with, so I passed. I might head back today, since it’s 50% off blue tags. $30 is definitely more doable!


Can you tell what Lani got based on her crazy face? Ha Ha! In the 1st picture, she’s showing you some pillow shames she found. They are super cute leafy pattern in colors fit for maybe her dining room, or maybe her bedroom depending on the teal-tone. They were reversible with a complimentary/contrasting fabric on the other side. There were two for $3.99 each. Not too shammy… Winking smile Since she has limited carry-on luggage space, she opted out of those shams. Instead she got some patterned jeans for super cheap. $4? or less? Of course she’s not going to wear them as-is. They will be going under the knife for a little makeover. That’s a post for a different day.

DSC09609Look! It’s a DUCK-Oven! Get it?! Instead of a dutch oven…
I thought it was hilarious. It’s my birthday, I can quack a lame joke if I want to.

Oh, see the guy in the background? He was following us around. It was weird and creepy.

We made it back towards my house. After a quick run into Goodwill, we found a skirt that didn’t quite fit on either of us (one was the navy floral skirt from Jason Wu for Target’s collection for $5 vs. $14.98 online right now). Then we ran into Home Goods (I’m super lucky that they’re in the same shopping center. It’s also super deadly.)

Will found some keepers:
DSC09615A wicker “addigador” and a giant “maga-fwying gwass”.







This 3 shelved console was adorable & a steal at $179.99. Love that teal!



[Left] Lani liked this cute yellow piece with some distressing and curvy legs. I was loving the green cabinet with mirrored doors.

[Above] there were all kinds of fun goodies. A metal airplane, that trunk with key fabric and stud deDSC09626tails, the little wood side tables that looked like mushrooms. Even the driftwood sticks formed together to make a side table was cool!

  [Below] Of course I loved this white owl table. I think it was only $50, too!
We need a bigger house!





[Above] No shopping trip is complete until you make it over to the white ceramic accessory section. Lani was checking her life line with the hand statue. Those were freaky. And look! They had my white owl! I was ogling those little owl bookends below Lani’s arm.

Will and Hubby found this owl chair. I am in love. I’ve seen that owl fabric before (Premier Prints Hooty), but never in this taupey-grey tone-on-tone color weigh. How many owls is too many? It’s probably a good thing I’m always on a budget or else I’d need an Owltervention. Even the side chairs behind it were cute. Need a little formal mis-matched set for your existing dining chairs? Boom! Sold!

Lani and I both went “OH! Dwell!” when we saw the cute arm chair with the Dwell Studio Bella Porte fabric on it. Definitely a good deal for $399.99 since the fabric alone is usually $25/yard.

Swoon again when we saw the ikat side chair. Again, not bad for $399.99. Of course, not a screaming deal, either. I’ve had my eye on that fabric (Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat Pewter) though. And Look! It’s on sale now!

All in all, I walked away with nothing but a fun outing. It’s just like shopping for clothes or anything else… When you’re in the market to buy something, anything, you aren’t going to find it, especially when your husband gives you carte blanche to pick out what ever you want! Ha Ha!

How about you? Any good deals or steals lately? Do you have a favorite thrift store that you frequent? Or even a thrifty website?


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