Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have this problem.  Well it’s not so much of a problem as it is an annoyance.  So I live in a townhouse…and I LOVE my townhouse…but living in a townhome means you have to deal with neighbors that share walls, and yards, and sometimes views that you don’t want.  And don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my neighbors…on one side.  The other side…not so much.  I’m sorry but I’m being honest.  And if you’re my neighbor and you read my blog, I’m sorry you had to find out this way.  Hopefully we can still be cordial.
So I have this space between my yard and theirs that is a teeny little strip and a little bare…but a perfect spot to create some sort of , border, if you will.
Yes it’s a little ugly…but totally fixable.  You can see I tried to block the patio a but with our grill…but it still didn’t prevent people from coming over…or my view of things like this
Alright…I’m not the perfect neighbor by a long shot…I mean look at my weeds.  But the last thing I need is MY kids seeing a pool full of 3 day old water and jumping right in.  So whatever.  I decided that I need a little barrier, one quick and easy and did not have to be approved by the HOA.  Enter my Easter Hydrangea that was in desperate need of planting anyway.
It’s small now…but I have big plans for this baby to get BIG.  And it’s a little hint to the neighbors to mind your own bees wax and stay off my patio.  You know?  Just one lone plant.  Yes I may seem like a little beachy…but it’s all the little things that add up to make me do one little act of non neighborliness.  BUT…I did need a little planting there anyway, right?  Winking smile  So there’s my little baby, ready to take a hit for me if situations get sticky.  HA!  I’m hiding behind a plant….

(PS:  notice the pool is gone in the above picture.  I believe that they looked out the window and saw me cleaning up this area and planting and they came out and took care of the pool.  That’s right..see…’Drangea is working her magic already!)


  1. Might I suggest a tomato cage around her, so as to offer support and protection from little feet?

  2. I am waiting for my mom's giant hydrangeas to bloom so I can go snip some off to put in my kitchen. :)



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