Friday, April 6, 2012

March's Monthly Mash Up

Yeah baby! That's an alliteration!

Here we go. We are going to attempt to do something regularly... If you haven't noticed, we don't do that so well. We get on track, and just like with anything else in life, we fall off that track. Maybe I'll attempt to stay on a running/workout schedule and maintain this monthly post mash-up. Or maybe I'll just hand it over to Lani because she's already got the running schedule under control, Mrs. Marathon-Runner-Extraordinaire.


We thought we would start summing up our posts each month, so it's easier for our readers to find something, at a quick glance, and for bonus brownie points, it makes us feel like we accomplished a fair amount of projects for the month. And that's what we call a Win-Win, my friends.

Lani revamped this Pretty Little Organizer that has been pinned like CRAZY!
We made some Marvel Superhero Cakes with our cool cake pan.
Lani revamped her $1.99 Goodwill chair.
Isn't she lovely?

Lani got to see the fruits of last year's bulby labor.

Heather served up Fajita Burritos and tasty margaritas.

Pinterest pins becoming a reality! Check out this little clutch Lani whipped up!

Another Pin to Pin-ality! Yarn Letter!

We don't have mantles, so we have to get creative. Here's Lani's Spring "Mantle".

Quick & Easy Sausage Pasta - it's what's for dinner!

Captain America photo bombed Heather's Spring "Mantle".

Lani ran 26.2 miles. All in one day. Run Lani! Run!

Lani got inspired by these kid-friendly bento boxes.

Whew! It was quite a month!
In super exciting, totally amazing, mostly astounding news...
We had our biggest month EVER! Let's test your math skills on this Good Friday - We were 95 hits short of 25,000 for the month of March! WHAT?! AMAZING!
That's right, we had 24,905 hits. That's about quadruple the hits we had in February. If you add up our hits from December 2011, January and February of this year, you barely come close. Incredible. We are blown away. A major THANK YOU to our new followers and loyal readers. We love you!
If we were Ellen, we'd probably drop you on Know-or-Go.
If we were Doc McStuffins, we'd probably give you a pretty heart band-aid.
Instead, we'll keep up the good work. There are plenty more fun projects and stories on their way.
That's just as good, right?

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