Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rainbow Connection

Time for some springtime up in here!  All these lovely bloggers around the ‘sphere have such pretty mantles and fireplaces that they get to decorate and I fail to have.  So I like to pretty up any and all flat surfaces in my house for the season…and for spring I wanted the first thing you see in my home to be colorful and set the mooooood.  Here’s my little shoe cabinet at the front door.  It has a wonderful little ledge that needed some pretty
I started with some flowers from the grocery store and a little gnome I found in the bowels of my basement.  I believe I used these for Jagger’s party last year, which was a woodland theme, but Sonny had no idea I used them and I completely forgot.  Then the mantle developed into this with a little digging and re-arranging.
Hunter came home from school the other day with this adorable rainbow art.  They made it for St. Patrick's Day…and because rainbows start with the letter “R”…which if you don’t know, are drawn with a big line down, a little loop, and another line down.  I hear that about 25 times an hour.  Anyway, as soon as I saw this little gem I knew it was the inspiration for the mantle.  Colorful and sweet!
Did anyone notice the missing Fruit Loops?  Glue was not 100% dry and some little person started picking them off in the car.  Elmer’s….yum yum.  And I’ll be honest, I was more upset that it wasn’t a perfect rainbow anymore than I was about him eating the glue.  I was like “NO HUNTER!!!!  I was going to put that on the MANTLE!!!!!”  Oh well…such is life!
I then threw together this little sign to welcome people and really drive home my favorite season, in case people didn’t know.  It’s SPRING, y’all.  SPRING.  I used an IKEA frame, took the back off so the wall color shows through, cut the letters on my Cricut, and hung with 3M Command velcro strips.  They are my favorite thing right now, hands down.
And then I found my little sequin bunny from West Elm, also in the bowels of the basement, that I got last year.  And finished everything off with a little basket of colorful eggs.  Now, I would have dyed my own eggs, or glittered these…but…as is typical in this house…I got lazy. Plus, if I leave these guys alone, I can use them ON EASTER.  Bah-bam Ba-Boom…double duty saving money for more coffee or new shirt for me.
Isn’t she just a cute little “mantle?”  I love stepping into the house and seeing this colorful display come up to greet me.  How are you guys celebrating the springtime?  Flowers? Candy? Colorful eggs?  Glue laced Fruit Loops?  However you celebrate…I hope it’s full of joy and makes you giddy!!

"My entry into Sugar Bee Craft’s Celebrating Spring competition, sponsored by Appliances Online and Beko Fridge Freezers"


  1. lol - I had to do a double take on that mirror picture! {I was like "wait, I JUST saw this!"} Love all the different colors - perfect for Spring! :)

    1. TEE HEE...I try to keep the 2 blog separate! This one's for family and house and best buddy Heather...and the other's for my passion for fashion! Just so happens that we're both following each other all around! :) I love it!

  2. Springtastic! haha.. I love that bunny.

    I know what you mean about no fireplace or mantle. My last two houses had them and that is the one thing I missed the most. When we finally do get settled (Army family) a fireplace is on my list.


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