Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy Valli!!

Happy Valentines Day, y’all!  Hope your day is filled with hearts and love and all the mushy gushy you can handle!
Being that we find ourselves completely underwhelmed and organized in this house lately, I decided to make it even easier on myself and buy the traditional store bought valentines for Hunter to give away at school.
OK.  Now take everything I just said and make it the opposite.  Because that’s just the kind of insane person I am that while trying to get my totally chaotic life and house together and train for my marathon (six weeks away!!!)….I decided to MAKE my kids valli’s.  Because it’s his FIRST.  You know…I just wanted them to be special.  (sigh)
So I was up until the wee hours last night making these with my trusty Cricut. 
They are definitely not my best work…but I think they are adorable!  I think they’re…dare I say it….DINO-mite!  Hunter loved the dinosaur, and the whole house was roaring for a while.  We even coined the Kissysaurus, which I was happy to be.  Apparently the T-Rex is no match for the Kissysaurus!  Rawr!!
Anyway, even though these will go highly unappreciated, just busting out the scrapbook stuff and making these got my creative juices flowing again.  I seriously think I was in a creative coma since Christmas.  I spent all my energy into that and just wanted to escape!  Probably why I got my run on so much.  Speaking of…this is totally my new running song…and completely appropriate.  I heard it first on the Grammy’s and am IN LOVE.  Hope you all have a day filled with love..and enjoy!

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