Thursday, January 5, 2012

Painting the Pantry

It all started so innocently.  A new year calls for new ideas, so of course I turn to these for inspiration during nap time for the kiddos:
After flipping through a few chapters of Real Simple: The Organized Home…I see the section on pantry organization.  Phew, I think, My pantry definitely needs work.  Observe.
Ohhhhhhh…….mmyyyyyyy…..That’s quite a mess there isn’t it?  So immediatley I dive in.  Randomly…It’s the only way I get stuff done.  Ah…this looks much nicer, eh?
But then….oh no…I couldn’t stop there.  What’ that you say?  Another random act?  During naps no less?  Ohhhh yesss….I noticed so many scuffs and scrapes in there that the only solutions was to paint of course.  I ran down to the basement to see what colors I had and just decided that going with the dining room color (which is literally a doorway away) would be best.  We are eventually getting rid of the orange color, as much as we love it, and wanted to keep it simple.  So Rainwater by Martha Stewart it is!!!
So pretty!!! Food has slowly been going back in…but I still have most of it all over the dining room table because I want it to go back in RIGHT.  Meaning getting the right containers, and basket, and whatever I need.  So this is how everything has ended up so far:
That’s about it.  I need to be getting’ some bins for bottles, and more of those OXO containers.  As I hate, hate, hate these wire shelves for the pantry, I have plans in the future to solidify them….but we have plans for other parts of the house in January, and Sonny has forbade me to do too much at once or else then nothing gets finished.  Ack…what can I say…the man knows me.  But the pantry was super random and done before the little peeps woke up from naps!  So…Points for me!

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