Thursday, December 15, 2011

Irvine Park Railroad–zoo!

DSC02247So apparently I can’t read… We were going to Irvine Park Railroad on a fine Sunday morning in December to see Santa & ride the Christmas train. Guess what? It doesn’t run during the day. It runs at night because it’s lit up like crazy & is extra Christmassy at night. So… we arrived at 10am to a ghost town. Humph. (Love the new silly face Nana taught him… HA!)

Instead, we wandered over to the zoo. For a $2 entrance fee, it was an awesome deal for lots of fun stuff to see!

First of all, you walk in the zoo and there’s an ocelot. Talk about an adorable little creature that will rip your face off!

There were two black bears, snoozin’ the day away in the sun. They were so pretty & GIANT! Not to mention, the peacocks that are roaming free everywhere!

We started and ended in the farm animal area. Bunnies, chickens, goats, & a giant pig named Beau were a big draw for our family.
We got to go in & say Hi, too!DSC02229

I even made a friend! I named him Billy (but honestly, I don’t know if it’s a boy…Billy just works…) and he was thisclose to coming home with us. He just needed some love…DSC02238

See? Will wanted Billy to come home with us, too!

We also made friends with Beau, the 19 year old pig, but we were too busy feeding him grapes for me to take a pic. You’ll have to go see him & all his glory for yourself. He was fetching grapes we tossed him. Hilarious!

Not a bad consolation prize to Santa & a Christmas Train ride, if you ask me. We’ll definitely have to go back and see all of our animal friends real soon!


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