Monday, September 19, 2011

The very first day of school....

....EVER!  It's so beyond crazy to me that Hunter is now going to pre-school.  I can't believe that just 3 years ago he was 8 lbs 10 oz,  and now he's waving good-bye to me from the comforts of the classroom.

I made sure to make him his favorite breakfast...waffles.  Have to admit that's my favorite breakfast too!

Then we tried to get the back pack on...but Hunter just wasn't having it.  I LOVE this backpack.  I spent a little more than I wanted to...but it's perfect.  It's the Fairfax line from Pottery Barn in the pre-school size.  It's seriously the perfect size for these little bodies, and it holds everything a pre-schooler needs: a change of clothes, a book, a little snack pack, and something for show and tell.  Since he didn't want to wear it the first day...Jagger thought he'd give it a whirl.

The second day of school was a little more success with the back can see it in it's full cuteness here

Anyway...I think that I had more jitters about leaving him than he had about me leaving.  He was the first one in the classroom, and when I ducked in to kiss him goodbye and explain that I would be back later, he just said "ok, bye mom."  Mom.  Not mama....or mommy.....but Mom. (sigh) I don't understand how kids defy the laws of time and space a grow up way too fast.  Regardless...he came home with his first bit of artwork...which has inspired me to get a-crackin on some way to display all the fabulous pieces of art he's going to create.  And I'm almost done with phase one!  Woot!

Oh yeah...and I found out that the church his pre-school is in has a thrift store....DANGEROUS!!!!

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  1. How sweet! I know I'll blink my eyes and my son will be wearing a bookbag, too!


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