Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More crafts with burlap...

I feel like no matter how hard I try...I just cannot get rid of the burlap supply I have!  I initially got it for Jagger's first birthday party to use as table runners, then I used some leftovers to make a One Kings Lane inspired pillow...and even messed up a couple times and had to toss some....and I STILL have plenty to go around.  Want some?  It's yours for free.  I'm giving like that. here we are getting ready for fall and on an extremely tight budget, so what better excuse to use my tons and tons of burlap?  I initially wanted to do something like this wreath here

{pic via craftaholics anonymous}
But there were a few problems.   1) I didn't have a ready to go wreath form and money.  2) I wanted to do something different than the same old wreath.  Don't get me wrong...I love a good wreath just as much as the next person...especially the one above....but I wanted something different for myself this year.  So I went on a hunt around the house...and found this

It wasn't really hiding or in a box or was the letter A that was sitting on the shelf in my bathroom (seen here).  Sometimes the best way to refresh your home is using something that you see everyday and make it something new!  I didn't just want to wrap this baby in burlap...and then Heather...reading my mind as usual...sent me this picture

Perfecto!!  It's a bubble burlap wreath!  She has a great tutorial on her site, and the directions were simple, easy peasey, and this whole thing took me maybe a half hour into Nate Berkus and I was talking to Heather the whole time. It required minimal concentration.  My kind of craft!  After all was said and she is!

Cute, right?  So, Lani, you say....this is all well and good....but didn't you start out by saying you wanted to decorate your door??  Yes...yes I did.  And here it is.

Ain't she pretty?  I couldn't just hang her on the door and say see ya later!  This little beauty deserves respect...and a freshly painted frame!  Again...that was zero, zip, nil to make.  I had an old frame (didn't even have glass in it) and some leftover spray paint.  A few bzzzz bzzzz bzzzzz later (that's my imitation of spray...but it actually may be more like shhhh, shhhh, shhh.) I guess hoarding isn't so bad when you can make something pretty out of old things! 

I used a little found bit of grosgrain ribbon in pretty fall colors to hang the frame from my normal wreath nail.  According to Nate Berkus, grosgrain ribbon is the answer to all life's ails.  I agree. 

I also secured the bottom of the frame to the door with 3m Command velcro hooks so that it wouldn't bang back and forth when you opened the door.  They are for hanging pictures and the like...and I just love them.  They are also what is holding the "A" to the door.  They are genius!

It's's clean...and just the perfect amount of interest.  And as soon as my mums there start blooming, they will add the perfect little bit of color.  Those mums are from last year...can you believe it?  So I didn't even have to buy those!  I didn't do a darned thing to them and they just grew back perfectly!  I hope it happens again!  For a zero cost decor, and for desiring something clean and wreath-different...I mark this as a success!  Hope you guys are having a great little fall too!


  1. This is so cute! I love love burlap. Great idea to use an initial. Great job! :)

  2. That is awesome!! I have a burlap obsession...

  3. That looks fantastic! I have been dying to make that burlap wreath ever since I pinned it on pinterest. Glad to hear it's not hard to do!!

  4. I have not seen the bubble burlap trend! Love it for the fall!


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