Friday, August 5, 2011

One Month Left!!

With only one month left in Summer, let us review what I have accomplished from my list so far:
  • Clear out the garage
  • Finish the kitchen table (started here).

  • Shelves for laundry room
  • Paint the dining room and trim
  • New light fixture for dining room and entryway
  • Art for the powder room to make it finally complete
  • Re-upholster and paint new kitchen chairs
  • Hooks, console table, and basket storage for the entryway
  • Plant flowers and mulch front and back
  • Fix bare patches in grass in the front  (FAIL)
  • Repair and paint buffet in dining room
  • Curtains for dining room
  • Create a frame wall in the dining room
  • Patch holes in the kitchen
  • Spray paint the mail organizers white
  • Create a better shelving/organizing system in the entryway closet
  • Clean carpets
  • New light fixture for kitchen
  • Possibly re-arrange the living room
  • Spray paint bistro set out back
  • Outdoor rug for backyard
  • Create some kind of outdoor buffet cabinet
So obviously alot of stuff has yet to be done..... and it's August.  As you can see...alot of attention was NOT paid to the outside of the house.  I tried to repair my grass, guys...I really did....but despite all my efforts it still looks like this. 

Sonny and I are going to give it a good fixing in September (that's our budgeted project for that month)...but it was definitely a giant FAIL for the summer.Our fall goal is to really get this baby back in shape. It was fully neglected this year. YES HOA....I KNOW IT LOOKS AWFUL!!! Thank you for the $25 fine too! Awesome-sauce!!!

And for the last month of summer I'm going to try my hardest to knock out a couple more of these before Labor Day and the unofficial end of Summer!  Namely, the dining room paint job, the frame wall....and possibly add to do a board and batten treatment.  EEK!  Ambitious...but I want to do it before Sonny starts classes again in the fall, because then I'm all by myself on projects!  Better get crack-a-lackin'!  Thank goodness its the weekend!

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  1. Look at all the things you have accomplished. Being a Mom is a full time job (I know I raised 6 kids) so anything else you do is amazing. Pat yourself on the back!


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