Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Little Trike Tike!

You know there are those times when you're dreaming of children...like before you even had them....and you're saying to yourself oh I can't wait for their first time to go camping/swimming/playing baseball/whatever?  Well one of my "can't waits" just happened and I couldn't be happier!  Hunter's first time riding a bike!  Well, a tricycle, but still....Wooo hooooo!!!

Don't mind Sonny's hair...he was going for The Wolverine.  Hunter is going through this phase where everything new kinda freaks him out...so we were mighty worried about even putting this helmet on him....but since we made an educated decision in choosing the Lightening Mcqueen helmet....he was more than happy to put on his "McQueen Hat."  Sweet.  So far so good!

He took to the bike right away....I should say....he loved it right away.  We went with the classic classic classic Radio Flyer tricycle and it's so adorable.  He is still having pedaling issues...but he loves it anyway!  Check out the concentration on his face...

Our street has a small downgrade...which was great for the beginning of this little outing.  He could practice pedaling and the trike would kinda go by itself and all he would have to do was keep his feet on the pedals.  But of course...we had to go back home at some time....and he didn't want to get off....so Mom was left to push a bike and a child at an extremely uncomfortable angle up a hill.  Don't mind the clothes....they are my work-around-the-house garb

Regardless of this becoming a back breaker for me....I'm so glad to have reached this little milestone of his little life!  I have fond memories of my tricycle and riding (even ones of me fake falling just so I would get some attention....yes....I am the youngest....why do you ask?) and I can't wait to make more memories with Hunter and all his little adventures on this bike.  Now he just has to learn that pedaling is a little bit of work....

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