Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A moment....

In the everyday hustle and bustle that is my house...there are certain times when I look at the kids and I loose my breath.  I realize something in those how small they really are, how much they are growing, how much they've changed in the past year, and how much they will change before tomorrow.  And usually those moments are gone in a flash because I can't grab my camera fast enough.  I always tell Heather that I can't wait for someone to develop cameras that can get implanted in your eyes so that when you see a moment like this you can blink and take a picture.

I happened to catch one of those moments yesterday...after everyone went to naps.  I came downstairs to clean up all the play and action that was going on and saw this:

The epic-ly tidy battle that is going on here happens everyday...but when I saw this I realized just how much I love it.  Hunter is obsessed with lining things up, color coding, cleaning, and making things as symmetrical as possible (I don't really know where he gets it from as Sonny and I have to TRY REALLY HARD to just put something away after we use it).  As you can seems that Rescue Mater and the Dinaco Pit Crew Chief are doing something to disrupt the flow of Detroit Steel, Iron Man, and "Machine" (we don't know his name....Hunter just calls him Machine).  Perhaps they are all trying to escape the evil giant robot?  Who knows.  I had to snap a picture of how Hunter plays at 3 years old because I realized that this is SO HIM right now and it just may not be tomorrow.  Tomorrow he may decide that being OCD is so 2010 and turn into a wrecking machine.  I'm so glad that I thought to capture this little moment on camera.  My little man is getting so big so fast (school in September!!  Crazy!!) and I want to remember these little habits and hobbies forever.

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  1. So cute! I need to remember this as my little one gets older. I'm a bit OCD myself, and I find myself running around trying to clean up after him, when I should instead try to see the beauty in his little mess. Maybe :)


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