Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh the HORROR!!!

A tragedy happened in my house.  A tragedy among tragedies really.  I hope it's not a sign.  That would be awful.  I heard a noise while the boys were sleeping and just assumed it was my wild child, Hunter, hitting his head against the rail of his toddler bed.  He often does that.  He's a thrasher.  I came upstairs to just check and then went about my business in my bedroom and came upon this.

What is it,  you ask?  It is sand.  ORANGE sand. and white actually...look you can still see the swirls...

 This was the sand from mine and Sonny's wedding ceremony.  It was sitting in this lovely vase on a shelf above our dresser.  Well....the shelf decided that it just couldn't hold this vase anymore, despite being anchored into the wall.  The shelf tilted, the vase fell, and sand....the sand that held our vows....went everywhere.  I was crushed.  And pissed.  But mostly crushed.  I tried to put as much as I could back into the vase...but i had to vacuum the majority of it up.  (sigh) 

Sonny assured me that our marriage wasn't going to go down the tubes just because our vase fell....and that on our anniversary this year....we will do another little sand ceremony with new sand on top of the old sand.  I kind of like that idea!  It's like a symbol of another layer of our love.  Awww sappy sap sap!  I love it!  But, it's still a tragedy to me....I'm always a fan of originals.  And the fact that I had to vacuum all this up and STILL feel sand when I step around that area.  Hmmm....maybe it actually is a sign....that I need a new vacuum!  Oh honey!  Our anniversary is coming up....Dyson please!

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