Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Photos

We have taken forever to get some good family photos taken...three years to be exact!  I never did the week by week pregnancy photos, or the maternity shoots, or the newborn pics, or the first year family pics....for either kid! I know, I know....bad mama.  Really...I'm vain.  I hated the way I looked and felt when I was pregnant and avoided the camera at all costs.  And I think I was lazy.  What can I say...I was pregnant.

So on Sunday we FINALLY got to take our first set of family photos with a wonderful photographer, Karyl Murray.  We shot at Laurel Acres park here in Mount Laurel, NJ....on one of the hottest days of the summer, with an impending storm looming in the distance.  The boys did pretty well...but being that Hunter is so stinking hard headed...I'm hoping she got at least one of him looking up (kinda) and without a toy in his mouth.  Ugh.  That kid. 

I actually felt kinda bad cuz Hunter kept running away from her and doing the opposite of what she said.  We had to bribe him with munchkins a couple times for him to sit still (for those of you without Dunkin Donuts around...those are basically just donut holes).  At least I'll have the memories of his favorite toys and his favorite treat!

For the last half hour of the photo shoot we invited Sonny's family to join us in order to get a big family pic.  We plan to give this to his parents as a gift....I think we got some really fun shots of the grandparents and the kiddos.  I'm really hoping to do another one when my parents are here one time.  Like in the fall.  When I'm not sweating my cajones off.  Why did I even bother to do my hair?  It totally went plllllleeeehhhh...and as soon as we wrapped up, big fat rain drops started falling from the sky.  I mean big. Just look at me!!

I can't wait to see the pics...they are ready and I'm meeting Karyl on Sunday to get the DVD!  Wooooot!  Hopefully my vanity won't  be present and I'll just appreciate the first pro family photos we got done instead of looking about how fat my face/arms/belly/butt/left foot looks.....

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