Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Newest Addition

It's official! We are in love with our new addition to the family...

On Saturday, this beauty arrived:

If finally happened, folks! We got a new refrigerator! [Insert ray of sunshine parting the clouds and angels singing here]

This is quite the improvement from this hot mess:
Yep. We've been married for almost 5 years. We have lived in our condo for almost 4 years. Hubby has had this fridge since he first moved out of his parents' house around 1999. This fridge is at least 11 years old, probably closer to 12. It has been through 6 or 7 moves. He's been a trooper! -- Yes, it's a he. I decided because he's just a down and dirty fridge. Nothing fancy, but he gets the job done.

The freezer looked something like this inside. Notice the tape holding the shelf on... Ghetto fab, I know. Imagine the yelling that ensued every time that shelf fell off and everything in there fell on the ground. And imagine you've got a newborn in your arms when it happens because you just wanted to get an ice pack to stick in your bra... After a dozen or so times of this happening when Will was 1st born, Hubby kindly fixed it. It wasn't prettiest option, but it worked!

Since our sad little fridge didn't have much time left, we pounced on a super crazy deal at our disposal. We pretty much knew what we wanted when it came to style & features, lo & behold, this Electrolux fit the bill. I am not exaggerating when I say that this refrigerator is going to change my life. I sound so OA (over acting), but it's so true!

Before this fridge, this is how we drank water.
These were great. But, they took up 1/3 of the shelf on our 27" fridge. They are also around $3 each, times 1 a week = $12 a month. Double that in the summer months and during holiday months when we have company... It's not a lot of money, but every little bit counts! On top of that...I would buy them in pairs from Costco. This would add at least 2 extra trips from the car to the house when I got home from Costco, carrying a box of 2. They are heavy! It definitely was my workout for the day!

When Dave from Advantage Installation came to run the water line for our water and ice dispenser, I was in heaven. Then he put the glass up to the spout, and water came out?! I did a little dance. I'm sure he thought I was a nut job, but I was SO happy. I AM so happy! He was so right when he said "If you have never had a water/ice dispenser, you don't miss it. But once you have it, you can't go back". He was quick, clean, and very reasonably priced. If you need an appliance hooked up, definitely give him a call!

And ice dispensing at my disposal! No more obscenities under my breath when I open the freezer for a handful of ice, only to find out that the person that took the last Mickey head shaped cube did not refill the bin... Arg. Now, I can push a dispenser and out comes fresh cubes of crystal clear ice. Better yet, CRUSHED ICE! There's nothing better than crushed ice and a coke. If you add a splash of Tattoo Rum to it = heaven.

When I walk into my kitchen now, I start singing a little Stevie Wonder. Isn't she looooooooooooovely? Isn't she wonderful?

Then I open her up

and her LED lights greet me with smile and a how-do-you-do! -- Yes, the new fridge is a she because she is bringing sexy back while keeping my food organized. Yes, my fridge is sexy. She gets lots of hugs. Priority #1 was stock it with beer.

Freezer drawer with two trays. That ice bucket is just leftover from the old fridge. It is not staying. The Ketel One is. There are not enough drawers in my life.

The range is also fairly new. We bought it the 1st Christmas in our house because the one that came with the place was gross and stopped working... While I was recooping from my knee surgery, this was delivered and Hubby pulled off all Christmas gatherings in our 1050 sq ft condo with both of our families present. Pretty impressive... Thank God I was hopped up on percocet.

I'm at peace now that the magnet clutter is confined to only one side of the fridge. Yay for no more magnets on the front of the fridge. Here's The Hub:
I kept a few important magnets like the initials of our names from Will's LeapFrog Alphabet Fridge toy. I'm thinking about doing a section of magnetic paint in Will's room so he has a place to play with his alphabet toy...but it's still in the thinking phase. Then there's the phone number for the Home Warranty company and Poison Control. Then we've got our calendar and lists galore! From left to right: Meals for the week, grocery list, Target/Costco list. Love those $1 Bin list pads at Target!

This is my favorite calendar hung with my favorite 3M hooks - I use these everywhere! I picked it up from one of my favorite places - Paper Source (Thanks for the Christmas gift card, Mom!) It's full of pretty colors and simple, mod graphics for each month. My favorite line "If it's not on the calendar, it's not happening!" - Yep. Got that from my mom. Thanks Mom... What can I say? I am not a fan of surprises in my schedule.

Don't even think that I'm the only one obsessed with the new fridge. Hubby has polished that stainless steel at least once a day since we got it. As of Monday, I think he's done it 5 times. Now, I'll justify it for him...he says that if you polish/clean it several times in the first couple of weeks, it lessens the maintenance down the road. And I love hearing how sexy our fridge is when he goes to grab an ice cold beer.

Needless to say, we are head over heels with our new kitchen appliance.

Tune in next week when I tell you about how we live without a microwave!

**We were in no way given any freebies by Electrolux or any other people/services/products mentioned in this post. We just like to share the things we love and how they make our lives easier, happier, and healthier.**


  1. Very awesome! :) Congrats on the new fridge - she is bee-you-tee-ful!!! As for the boy and his magnets, have you any old cookie sheets that could be repurposed? Just paint with some metal spray paints and give to him. I use these in the car with my boys, they're perfect for running dinners or wanting to play Legos and the pieces inevitably fall off into the no-man's land between the seats. :) Just a suggestion! Happy cooking with the new fridge & stove combo!!! :)
    ~ Emily

  2. Congratulations on the sexy fridge! She's a total looker! I love to see a freezer with vodka..well done!

  3. WA and HOO! Crazy fabulous! Can't wait to grab me a beer or some vodka out of that sucker!


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