Sunday, April 10, 2011

Now we're cookin'!

You know how most birthday present you get you're like "oh that's nice....really cute."  Then some you get and you're like "Oh I love it...its so me."  But then...every once in a blue get that gift that you open it, light from the heavens come down, angels sing, your eyes get wide, and you think "This is the most perfect thing that could have ever happened in my life and why hasn't this been in my life sooner???"  This was my gift from Heather this year.

Maybe for most people this would have been one of those "that's nice" gifts, but Heather and I are odd ducks where little things like being able to be just a smidgen more organized and together makes our whole YEAR!  Well she got me this fabulous, outstanding, totally beautiful....cookbook!!  Not just any cookbook....but MY OWN cookbook.  One to write down my most favorite recipes.  One to turn to for my most tried and true dinners.  And a place to keep all my hand me down recipes, and possibly a book to pass onto future generations.

I'm just totally in love with it.  It's from Williams Sonoma, and she even got it personalized for MEEEEE!!!  It comes with all kinds of tabs and clear pockets and even some recipe cards.  I already wrote down one of my most favorite dishes and filed it.  The original recipe was given to me by my ex-boyfriends aunt for her Sweet Potato Casserole that has now become a favorite at our Thanksgiving table.  I'm totally sentimental so I always kept the original paper that she wrote it on, however, since it's an EXes recipe...I'm not too concerned about re-writing it into my brand new book. I couldn't totally let go of it.  I figure once I make it from my new card this next Thanksgiving, I'll be able to chuck the original.

I love this gift.  It's so me, and it's so like Heather to get me something that is so totally me.  I finally have a place for all those magazines tear outs and hand written notes...and I can't wait to fill this baby with some LOVE!!

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