Friday, April 1, 2011

Holey Sheet!

That's not just a clever play on words, dear readers.  I literally had holey sheets.  I don't really understand how you get holes in your sheets that are only 4 years old...but I chalk it up to a husband who can wear through a pair of socks in less than a month.  I feel like I'm constantly throwing out socks and jeans because there are serious wear and tear that goes with them.  Don't know how he does it, but as I'm changing the sheets...there's another hole.  I spared you all from a pic.  Actually...I was so irritated I just threw away the I didn't really get one.

I don't really know why I was so upset.  I mean, it's not like Sonny is purposely taking a sharp object to our sheets (hmmmm)...but then I realized that this just means that I get to go shopping!  YAY! (Cue mid-air paused jump).  Of course we're always on a budget, but I remembered that I had a leftover gift-card from Macy's, and it turns out that they were having a fantastic home sale.  Macy's is fantastic when they have a sale because many times they also have concurrent coupons that you can save an extra 15-20%.  Which I had!  Hoo and Ray!

I've been loving the Martha Stewart collection lately, as I love practically everything Martha.  So when I saw these sheets on closeout for $69 (originally $120) I was sold!  Plus I had one of the aforementioned coupons for 20% off, and a $25 gift card, so my total before taxes and shipping came out to $30.20!  Not to shabby!  I just love the subtle pattern that they have...and they are so soft and comfy...I just melt!

I have big plans for this room...and they do not include the mismatched heights on the lamps in the pics below.  I currently have no other place to have a scrap space right now, so it kinda got tossed to the side of my bed....much to the dismay of both Sonny and myself.  I really want to try and make this a sanctuary and the only ADULT space in the house.  I should be allowed to have breakable and beautiful things in my bedroom without fear that they will get fingerprints, slobber, thrown, broken, or eaten.  So this is going to be our little Summer project after our May vacation (it can't come soon enough!!!!)

For just feels good to sink into clean, fresh, new, non-holey sheets when I crawl into bed.  Ahhhhhhh....

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  1. I think I would see it as an excuse to shop, too. ;)

    BTW, I love your white with grey bedspread. So simple and pretty.


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