Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm on Team Stencil

I've been toying with the idea of doing a stencil somewhere in the house (or multiple places!), and after perusing the web and blogs....I'm totally in love.  I heart the look of the modern style wallpaper like Candice Olsen has been using in some of her recent designs, and would love to do THAT, but Sonny hates it.  I mean with a passion.  Every time I bring it up he gags, chokes, eyes bug out....and he can barely spit out a joking insult about how I'm turning into his grandma.  He almost seems to have a wallpaper allergy where his throat closes up and he breaks out into hives.  I do believe it's not necessarily the look of the wallpaper, but the notion that work will have to be done because he seems to have the same reaction when I ask him to empty the dishwasher (see that drama here).  Hm.  So, to please both of us, I would love to do some sort of stencil to give me the look, but with paint.  Go stencils!  Go stencils! I'm totally loving Mallory's recent bathroom makeover with this Moroccan trellis stencil

{Photo from Mal-licious}
That wall looks so fantastic!  It's so subtle and gorg! And can you believe she did it with cardboard and a paint pen?  A paint joke!  Genius! And I love all the ones that they show on Etsy.  This one, from Cutting Edge Stencils looks fantastic and I can totally see it in my dining room...
Wall Stencil Moroccan Dream, reusable stencils for walls instead of wallpaper, great for DIY decor

Heather and I have both been pondering the use of a similar stencil like this for a more organic feel.  This one is from Olive Leaf Stencils, also on Etsy.  She wants to use it in her bedroom where I want to use it in my entry.  Is it too much to have a stencil pattern on every wall in your house?

LARGE Chrysanthemum - Wall STENCIL - Easy, Reusable Modern Wall Art

And this ceiling from Not Just A Housewife is so crazy, and so's so crazy good!  I'm totally inspired by this and am totally itching now to stencil something.  I wonder if Sonny's throat would swell and close staring at this in bed.  Eh, I'll just tell him to stare at  and me!

I'm seriously so pumped by all of these pictures and projects that I'm going to get a stencil this weekend.  I'm just going to get one I love and find a place to put it!  I don't know what I'll do with it yet...but I have to just have one. I'll stencil a table, a wall, my dog...something!  Any ideas?  I don't think my back or patience can take the ceiling yet....but I'm excited for a little weekend project!  WOOT!  Go Stencils!!

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  1. How did I miss this? Thanks for the shout out! :)


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