Monday, December 13, 2010

Buried in clothes..

My house has been totally over run by clothes. And not even MY clothes! I wish. house is slowly being taken over by baby clothes. I feel like I should be on that hoarders joke. I have little piles all over my house, each designated for something specific. Clothes that are to small, clothes that are still to big, clothes that need washing, clothes that need folding, clothes that need to be donated/sold/given to sis for her new baby. It's just too much! Here's a pile by the stairs that's the "to be put in the bins in the basement."

And here's the bins in the basement.  AHHH!  The top ones are newborn that are to small for Jagger and to be sold...and the bottoms are too big for Jagger and are waiting to be worn.  The middle bin is miscellaneous sippy cups and bottles that kinda skeeve me out right now....but they are's just....blah...

And then this pile is in my room.  I still have Jagger's rocker in my room from when he slept in there....and I can't get it into his room and input my beautiful desk/vanity that I want because the chair is hidden under this pile of baby clothes.  These are ones I also want to try and take to the consignment store to sell

I didn't even take a pic of all the clothes on the guest bed in Jagger's room.  It's too embarrassing!  So, in lieu of a monthly project (I have a wonderful antique lingerie chest I'm planning to make over), I have decided to take this problem on as my December project (in addition to all the Christmas and New Years Hullabaloo).  I am slowly making my house cleaner, easier to operate, and more effecient, and this is a perfect project to start the year off right!!  Get rid of anything that I don't need, try and make some money, and get the house organized!  Phew...this is really an overwhelming project and I feel like at least I've got some sort of headstart by seperating all these things into piles, right?  Haha!  Good thing that the inlaws want to take Hunter on a little Christmas outing Jagger and I will be venturing to the consignment store to try and make a little extra Christmas cash and get a start on cleaning up this mess in one fell swoop!! 

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